We were born in the late eighties under the guidance of the Basi family, Catalan entrepreneurs with a long tradition in the textile industry, in- novation, and the use of high-quality materials and fabrics.
It was a time of change and transgression, and we didn't hesitate to create avant-garde, daring, and provocative collections for the fashion scene of that moment. We bet on and supported young talents in a vibrant and evolving Barcelona.

Today, we reclaim that foundational spirit. Too many years have been spent following the fashion herd, and we've realized we don't want to continue down that path.
Our new project is characterized by collaboration with emerging talents in the world of fashion and creation.

We'll approach new collections as independent capsules, without a fixed designer, without seasons, and without official timelines.

We aim to produce responsibly but without rigid rules, which is why our collections are developed using mostly existing fabrics and materi- als, resulting in limited production runs.

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