Yun Qu is the founder and creative director of Videmus Omnia. She has a different approach to fashion. Yun studied classical piano since she was five years old. She also studied guitar, drums and music composition before she decided to chase her dream as a fashion designer. She founded a rock band with her friends in high school and sang metal music for two years, this experience had influenced her in design. Yun was born in China, she spends lots of time traveling to different countries. She also lived in Italy for two years before she moved to New York. Because of her experience and background, she gradually developed a unique and unconventional style. She was not satisfied with the current fashion industry in New York which majority of the companies are trend-oriented as well as lack of variety, innovation, and creativity. She decided to start her own brand right after she graduated from college. Instead of being inspired by certain objects or concepts, she always starts her creative process by listening to different music and inspired by the feelings and sounds of the music.
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