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August 24 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

YINKANA is a unique, Berlin based jewelry label. Utilizing traditional technique and a mix of man-and earth-made materials, we translate experiences and stories into elegant pieces of jewelry with a wild heart.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Driven by a fascination of the interplay between scent and memory, YINKANA began as a personalized jewelry label which carried scent-based memories in small glass flasks. Now, the concepts of personality and lightness flow into the new designs.

An understated elegance and sense for simplicity, together with the fine materials and clean forms complete these compositions. Malu Lopez, the creative brain behind the brand, draws her inspiration from natural materials such as wood, plants, and minerals as well as found or forgotten objects, and their secret stories.


You use a great mix of natural and man-made materials in your pieces, your jewelry has an earthy undertone. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Well, I grew up in a place surrounded by dry mountains, desert and sea, and that’s what I have seen everyday. For that reason I might have a better understanding of the salty water, the blue sky and the yellow surfaces, more than the jungle or the countryside fields, even if I am also interested in them. I also loved sailing, and for me is the most naturally induced way of meditation that I never experimented. It just comes so easy and soft, whenever I am sailing I am in peace with myself, and with the world.


You employ traditional techniques when creating your pieces. Could you please tell a bit more  about the production process?

Right now I am learning and developing a new collection by using the traditional technique “lost wax”, so every piece have been cast in metal from a previous wax prototype, which allows you to be very playful with volumes and shapes, and also adds a raw touch to the pieces. I love it, every piece of the collection seems to be ancient, to have a long story behind it. Also I am using natural beeswax which is very stimulating to work with, due to its texture and fragrance.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I would like to go somewhere which I still hasn’t decided yet, where I can get inspired by the culture and the natural surroundings, and develop the concept for the next collection.