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MEET THE DESIGNER CLAUDIA VITALICould you please introduce...

September 05 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I went to Santiago de Chile to finish my fashion design studies at Inacap institute. After finishing my degree I went to Barcelona, Spain, where I studied styling in Audiovisual Communication & Make-Up Artistry. In the year 2009 I founded my label Claudia Vitali in Berlin.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

In the street, on the dancefloor, travelling… to be able to design I need to find myself, center myself, focus myself, study, travel and feel myself comfortable… all this paired with the inspirations from the place I go to results in a new Claudia Vitali collection.


How did you start designing swim- and beachwear?

It was three years ago, after having designed my first bodysuit collection. I figured out that each of them could also be used as a swimsuit and that there was a market for a product which was a body, but is also suited for water. Alternatively, which is a more sophisticated swimsuit, a bit more elegant and sensual. Something in which you would not feel dressed in a swimsuit, but which would also fit that purpose. The swimsuits I design are more like swim-able suits!


You use colorful and fun prints on your designs, which look a bit retro, with an ‘80s-’90s aesthetic. Can you tell us a bit more about the design process?

I constantly try to find new patterns and prints for my designs. Going to all kinds of fabric stores and also researching antique fabric prints. Other designs I find whilst travelling. Many of my works are collaborations, with artists and photographers. I have collaborated on works together with Melina Pecharki (Brasil), the artists Mexicana Meteoro, Nilufar Zarré (Uruguay) and Ali Cabello (Chile), and with the photographers Carlitos Trujillo (Ecuador) and Simon País (Chile).

What’s your favorite place to be in the summer?

A beautiful crystalline beach, with soft sand, sun and heat - happy people, dancing and having fun together with a good session of electronic music.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I would like to convert Claudia Vitali to a sustainable and eco-friendly label and stop contributing to the contamination our beautiful earth. I am going to launch the first swimwear collection of recycled lyrca fabrics soon. Stay tuned!


Facebook: Claudia Vitali Clothes & Magic

Instagram: @claudiavitalii