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MEET THE DESIGNER - PBG STUDIO-Please introduce yourself and your...

April 27 2018



-Please introduce yourself and your brand?

PBG is a Prague based fashion accessories studio founded in 2011 by Aneta Vojtová and Tereza Horáková. PBG is designing and producing minimalistic and practical bags, backpacks and other leather accessories.
We create all of our products from scratch, source the highest quality materials from all over the world and pride ourselves on the best quality and design for a practical but fashionable accessory.


- What is the most important consideration to you when designing a new collection?

Not only the aesthetic aspects are important for us when we are designing the new collection, we also focus on the customers practical requirements for day to day use. Thus, especially the requirements for carrying bags in the city.

- What or who inspires you the most?

Our inspiration often comes from our personal lifestyle .


- What has been the best compliment/comment someone has given your work?

The best compliments/comments comes from customers, who already owns several of our products and buying another one.

- What is your greatest strength
The greatest strength of our products is their simplicity.
We make efforts to create products that will be both practical and elegant.


Important for us are also quality materials that play a major role in the finishing of handbags. We are not afraid to use the materials that are originally destined for a flattery and they have such high durability. This means that our bags are really ready for every load. The style of our bags is easily recognizable, elegant, dampened in color with urban breathing.

- Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?
We would like to extend our brand to other small products that are associated with urban life. Such as key rings, glasses, but also scarves, which are often a great addition to a handbag. A new collection of scarves will be in cooperation with a young artist from Vienna. This will be a whole new and interesting experience for us.


MEET THE DESIGNER - a.ACHATa.ACHAT is a Berlin-based fashion...

April 10 2018


a.ACHAT is a Berlin-based fashion label that understands itself as a platform, rather than just a clothing brand – founded by Bergit Faßl in 2015.
It aims to establish an interface between contemporary art, fashion, food, and music. a.ACHAT’s projects are often based on collaborations with artists, illustrators, and graphic designers.


On the edge of contemporary and avantgarde, the clothing part of a.ACHAT is based around simplistic shapes, playful patterns and clashing textures for all sexes.
a.ACHAT creates handmade products in small quantities and small irregularities are part of their character. We work with high quality fabrics and materials to complement our designs while keeping an eye on sustainability as much as possible.


If you were a…

- Fruit? Hawaiian Ulu

- Book?
Ovid: Metamorphoses

- A time of day?
Around 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning

- A city?
Tangier or Kyoto

- Where do you source your inspiration?
people, materials, journeys, landscapes, life in total


- What do you dream about?
For that moment about mycelium in general and Lingzhi mushrooms

- What is your favorite thing about what you do?
screen printing and other printing techniques, working togehter with people

- Can you tell us about any exciting plans or goals for the year ahead?

Have fun. Stay tuned.

You can find a.ACHAT’s collection at our Mitte location. Come join Studio183 28.04  // for a.ACHAT’s gallery weekend event!


MEET THE DESIGNER - HERMIONE FLYNNHermione Flynn is Berlin based...

March 15 2018

                       MEET THE DESIGNER - HERMIONE FLYNN

Hermione Flynn is Berlin based fashion studio offering a wide range of designed garments made in an unisex approach. The German label has been developing different lines focusing on artistic integrity, aesthetic, function and sustainability. HF’s designs are challenging current norms through a creative process using Human body, space and time with clothes. 

Check out the 3D fashion film made by HERMIONE FLYNN and MIMIC PRODUCTIONS. 

Let’s find your favourite piece at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.


If you were.. 

A country?
I’ve moved around a lot, so I don’t feel particularly connected to one country, I’m not nationalistic in that sense. Instead of being a country, I’d describe myself as the ocean.

An adjective?


A fictional Character?
Hermione Granger - those books taught everyone how to pronounce my name.

An Artist?
Marina Abramović


An Animal?
My dog, Wednesday Addams

An invention?
The battery

A historical event?
New Zealand leading the world in womens’ Suffrage.


Your clothes highlight creative and social commentary. In your opinion, how might the fashion industry become more socially responsible?
It goes without saying that the consumer has been educated by the market to believe that clothing costs a certain amount to make, and this price is inaccurate. For starters, we need to educate the consumer so that everyone understands actually how much clothes cost. That will inevitably lead to ensuring that there are fair wages for workers, and processes that don’t interfere so much with the environment etc…
Alongside this level of social responsibility in the production, I also think about fashion’s social responsibility in terms of aesthetic, and how we could break the boundaries a little more. If fashion’s leading the way in terms of the aesthetic of clothing, there’s potential there to also show the public that men can wear dresses, or bigger women can wear particular silhouettes, or whatever.


HF’s range is original for being unisex. Do you think that it will become increasingly a norm to create unisex collections in fashion?
Yeah I think so, and I hope so. The only challenge is adjusting for different body sizes. Other than that, I don’t see any reason why men shouldn’t wear certain garments and visa versa. No reason at all. If patterns are adjusted to fit a man’s body shape, there’s no reason why men shouldn’t be wearing dresses, skirts,
jumpsuits, whatever they want.



MEET THE DESIGNER - KLEVANG“My name is Heidi Klevang and I am the...

March 13 2018

                                 MEET THE DESIGNER - KLEVANG

“My name is Heidi Klevang and I am the founder of KLEVANG, a Nordic fashion brand with location in the Copenhagen. With a heritage of dark Nordic aesthetics and having roots from the Faroe Islands, KLEVANG gets is signature from these beautiful islands and its culture. Timeless classic designs disrupted by raw details, focusing on exclusive materials and excellent craftsmanship.My visions for KLEVANG are to create a brand that speaks to empowered and independent women who appreciate craftsmanship and clever sensuality.

It has always been a dream for to launch my own clothing brand. I started out in a designers collective studio in Copenhagen, making my own production. Last year I took the leap into having my own show room and this season is the first time for an outsourced and bigger production. So a lot has happened this last year.”

Check out our selection of Klevang collection at Studio183, Bikini Berlin.


If you were…

… A city? Tórshavn, my home town. 

… An adjective? Melancholic.


… A meal? Vietnamese springrolls

… An island? The Faroe Islands 

… An artist? Hansina Iversen, a faroese painter


… A fictional character? An elf

… A song? Ingen appel, by Søren Huss a danish singer


… A nightclub? Have no idea, but if I could choose a bar it would be a Salon 39 in Copenhagen. 

… A book? The power of now, by Eckart Tolle

… One piece of your last collection? Black pants


You get inspiration from Nature and try to develop sustainable collections. In your opinion, how the textile industry could become more eco friendly and socially responsible?
The textile industry should be more open to sharing knowledge. There is a lot of pressure on the people in this business and sustainability can mean a lot of things. It is not only being aware of using eco-friendly materials, but also being socially responsible. The textile industry should be better at sharing knowledge. Contributing to your local area, using local materials and resources. Making long lasting garments, recycling and contributing to the society.

Any specific scheme in preparation for 2018?
2018 is in for a bit more color and hopefully new collaborations.


“My inspiration often comes from the beautiful nature of my home the Faroe Islands. There is a very special kind of ambiance in the air.”

NEW DESIGNERS IN MARCHThis month we are thrilled to welcome a...

March 01 2018

                                      NEW DESIGNERS IN MARCH

This month we are thrilled to welcome a fresh selection of clothing and jewellery to our two stores! Nine independent and unique designers from Berlin and abroad. Read about these talented newcomers below. 

                                               HERMIONE FLYNN


Hermione Flynn is a considered and harmonious union of concept, function and aesthetic, creating unisex collections without typical gender constraints. Through their designs the Berlin based label focuses on artistic integrity, versatility and impeccable craftsmanship. Their collections are often presented alongside a performance or film, as they engage not only with clothing but art, the body, time and space.

Find your favourite piece at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.



Obectra is the creation of Slovenian designer Blaž Čuk who began his label in 2010, whilst still a student in Ljubljana. His creativity and entrepreneurial finesse led him to emerge as Slovenia’s most promising fashion designer one year later. He then decided to relocate Studio Obectra to Berlin, where since 2012 he has been developing one unisex collection per year; to “slow down this fast fashion Industry” made for all seasons. His work is a statement in black, inspired by Berlin’s one of a kind nightlife culture. 

Do not miss the launch of Obectra at Studio183, 08.03.2018, from 6 to 9PM! 



Lentsius Design is an independent Estonian label created in 2013 by Kairi Lentsius. She is a versatile artist offering a beautiful mix of conceptual fashion and accessories; her timeless jewellery designs blending the essence of Scandinavian minimalism with a unisex appeal. The unique collection has been developed alongside her father, Mart Lentsius, who masterfully crafts the designs in stainless steel and wood. 

Shop Lentsius at STUDIO183 Flagship Store

                                               SIMPLE COMMUNITY


Simple Community is a fashion brand based in Amsterdam that offers multi-functional products made to ease people’s daily lives. The designers endeavour to highlight the present and give significance to functionality, practicality and quality of products. Simplicity is another key feature in the brand’s designs that are 100% handmade from leather and a traditional Turkish fabric, Kutnu. Comprised of silk and cotton, Kutnu fabrics are woven on hand looms of Gaziantep craftsmen.

Have a look at our “Meet the Designer” Interview with the Simple Community crew!

You can find their bags at the STUDIO183 Flagship Store.

                                                PULVA JEWELRY 


Pulva Jewelry is an independent label founded and created by the designer Birgit, a member of the collective STUDIO HERTZBERG. She creates unique jewellery pieces from eco-friendly copper, silver and brass in her studio located in Neukölln, Berlin. The designer favours minimalistic geometric forms, raw stones and experimentation with the visual effects of metal patina and shiny surfaces. Pulva is an hommage to femininity, individualism and the perfectness of imperfect. 

Find your favourite Pulva item at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.


                                                 JORINDE NISSE


Jorinde Nisse launched her jewellery label in 2011 and is based in Berlin. Beading is at the heart of her jewellery, an ancient craft which lends itself to a multitude of interpretations. For the past fourteen years, she has been focusing on creating unique pieces in small series. She endeavours to make pieces that are both beautiful and enticing to touch. 

Find Jorinde Nisse’s creations at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.



Klevang is a Nordic fashion brand based in Copenhagen. Proud of their Faroe Islands roots, the Danish label is inspired by the dark Nordic aesthetics. Surrounded by nature, Klevang takes inspiration from the elements as they strives to express chaos and harmony in one. The brand aims to design clothing for women who are individuals that follow their own sartorial intuition. Klevang can be characterised by a timeless design disrupted with raw details, focusing on quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Shop Klevang at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.

                                                    ROBI AGNES


Robi Agnes is a Lithuanian-based knitwear label founded in 2013 by two friends, Agne and Roberta. The luxurious knits are made from the highest quality natural fibres and fabrics, and designed for a woman who values quality and functionality. The diversity of the designers’ personalities is evident in their creations. Each garment provides the wearer with a sense of confidence and elegant finesse. The designs are practical and easy to wear as well as beautifully unique due to their subtle use of detailing. 

Find Robi Agnes at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.


Make sure to pop by our store locations, STUDIO183 Flagship Store & STUDIO183 Concept Gallery in Bikini Berlin to shop these new designers and our unique selection of clothing, jewellery and artwork. 


February 28 2018

                        MEET THE DESIGNER - KAIRI LENTSIUS 

Lentsius Design is an accessories and clothing independent label created in 2013 by Kairi Lentsius, who is a versatile artist proposing an interesting combination of accessories and conceptual fashion design. In fact, her designs are symbolized by new materials and shapes, sustainability and incorporating technologies in the development of her line. On another hand, she has been developing handmade jewelleries and accessories in Estonia, in particular with her father Mart Lentsius, to create unisex Scandinavian chic and timeless pieces.

Shop Lentsius Design items at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.


If you were…

… A country? Estonia 

… A song? “The Time Is Now” by Moloko

… An artist? David Hockney maybe?


… A supernatural power? Flying

… A movie/series? Wes Anderson “The Royal Tenenbaums”


… An invention? A clock

… A monument? Ai Weiwei’s “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours”

… A cocktail? Gin tonic


… A book? The Magus

… An island? Saaremaa


You have been working on different projects from print designs, accessories and garments, using original materials and technologies. Do you consider that it’s important to be a versatile artist?
I find it interesting to work in different mediums and to reinvent my ideas in different materials. I also prefer to think of myself as a product designer who loves fashion!


Sustainability is a key feature of your work. At a citizen scale, how could we move toward an efficient sustainable development in your opinion?
Oh, I think about it every second day! It does sound like the basics but recycling should really be a part of everyones daily habits but it ain’t so. Also avoiding plastic bags is such an easy thing to do if one think that it brings benefit.
As a designer I like the idea that I produce as much as people buy from me. I don’t create large amounts of excessive trash to this world and I do take responsibility for it. We hardly create any left overs that can’t be recycled.


What’s your biggest influence in your artwork?
Materials and people. My brother inspired me to start making jewellery with his knowledge about aircraft engineering, my dad inspired me to incorporate wood to my collections and my friends inspire me to create things for their niche.


          Pictures have been shot by Getter Kuusmaa from Studio GET


February 28 2018


Simple Community is an accessory label based in Amsterdam and founded by two travel addicts sharing a common passion. Simple Community endeavours to make your daily life and journeys easier with multi-functional products. They give great importance to practicality, functionality and quality whilst keeping it simple! Their bags are originally designed, using traditional Kutnu fabric, which is made from silk and cotton and woven on the hand looms of craftsmen from Gaziantep in Turkey.


If you were…

… A city? Izmir, Turkey

… An animal? Humming bird

… A drink? Aperol spritz


… A season? Spring

… A song? Adventure of a lifetime

… One of the 5 senses? Taste


… A festival? Coachella

… A nightclub? Single Fin, Bali


… A plant? Palm tree

… A restaurant? Mangerie, Turkey


Could you explain to us how you founded your community?
We are two friends who are passionate about traveling and easing our daily lives by using functional products. We love collecting memories and enjoying the life to the fullest so we created bohemian products with functional designs. We hope to share this feeling in our community.

3 adjectives to describe your crew?
Travel addict, passionate, joyful.

What’s your main objective for 2018?
Unite people in a community who share same interests and bring joy and a sense of belonging to their lives by using our products.


MEET THE DESIGNER - KINAKina is an independent fashion label...

February 22 2018

                                  MEET THE DESIGNER - KINA

Kina is an independent fashion label founded by the designer Julia Penkina 13 years ago in Hanover. She has been developing an attractive mix of functionality and efficient aesthetic using geometric forms and sophisticated silhouettes. Kina’s line firstly specialized on scarfs and shawls. Then, Julia expanded the range of products with the simple straight cuts, flowing subtle fabrics and functionality becoming characteristic of the brand image. Kina collections are focused on portability, sustainability and femininity.

Check out our selection of KINA items at Studio183, Bikini Berlin.

If you were…

… A city? St. Petersburg

… A monument? The statue of Lenin

… A season? Winter

… A painting? Black square

… An animal? Snake

… A sport? Shooting

… A book? Idiot

… A movie/series? Das Leben ist schön “La vita è bella”

… A song? New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

… A nightclub? Studio 54…;)))

Why did you choose to focus on making scarfs when you launched Kina?
Scarves are the basis for each garment… But at KINA* they do anything but boringly hang around the neck - they are spiced up and become favourite pieces… I wanted to jazz up outfits already existing and not be forced to buy a whole new outfit…

You are proposing a sustainable production that highlights an eco-friendly spirit. What are your ideas to minimize the environmental impact of textile industry?
The whole collection is made without any remains of material, because the cuts are in rectangle form. In addition all the materials are not synthetic and are gained from renewable resources. The message of the label is to be found in the name - handmade, locally produced favourite pieces far away from cheap mass production – notmadeinKINA*… Also KINA* offers a lot of possibilities for teaming the pieces of this collection with different accessories. This makes it easy to combine favourite pieces and wear them several times at any occasion - whether it is for office use, casual in the leisure time or nicely styled in the evening. Same but different!

What’s your favourite Kina’s item?
The scarf that covers the shoulders, the “Ärmelschal”.

MEET THE DESIGNER - STUDIO WINKLER Julia Winkler, who grew up in...

February 20 2018

                     MEET THE DESIGNER - STUDIO WINKLER                               

Julia Winkler, who grew up in Zurich and is now working in Berlin, launched STUDIO WINKLER in 2012 after graduating from Berlin’s International University of Art for Fashion (ESMOD) with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Pattern-Making. Her collections contain many influences that are smartly connected, which create the magic of her work.

Find your favourite Winkler’s piece at both store locations STUDIO183 Flagship Store & BIKINI Berlin.  


If you were…

… A city?
A mix between where I live (Berlin) and where I come from (Zurich) with some unknown ingredients of cities I have never been.

… A monument?
It’s not a monument but a sculpture, Maurizio Cattelan’s Ostrich.

… A season?
Winter but with snow.


… A painting?
Jonas Burgert, trag früh 2017.

… An animal?
A black cat.

… A sport?


… A book?
“Das weisse Buch” by Rafael Horzon or Rocko Schamoni “Risiko des Ruhms” –
both hilarious. And the Dries Van Noten inspiration book.

… A movie/series?
Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

… A song?
Moodymann, Sunday Morning.

… A nightclub? 
I don’t really go to nightclubs anymore… I tell you my favourite bar – Rias GT in Manteuffelstrasse or Würgeengel.


Your graduation collection made in 2012 has been a springboard given that you won 2 awards for it, and you subsequently worked at Barbara Bui in Paris. How would you describe this experience in France?
Working at Barbara Bui was a very intense experience as I was thrown into embroidery design which I never did before. Luckily, I had the best boss I could imagine and left the company with skills I did not have before. We’re still in contact today and I am grateful for the fact that she let me jump completely into her creative world, teaching me all she knows about embroidery and print design in ready-to- wear, accessories and shoes.


What are your 3 main values?
Patience (which I rarely have so I am practicing), loyalty & live and let live.

Your objectives for 2018?
I am still working on the perfect womens suit so I hope to come close to my expectations within this year. I am working on accessories and of course I want to work on the growth of my label and business.


MEET THE COMPANY - TROPICAI Tropicai was founded in 2004 by...

January 18 2018

                               MEET THE COMPANY - TROPICAI 

Tropicai was founded in 2004 by Christine Grotendiek who is a coconut expert, in particular by living during 8 years in Philippines. It is the wish of Tropicai to let the local people know that their extraordinary products are appreciated elsewhere. This is why Christine ceaselessly supports sustainable development in the Philippines, the Solomon Islands and Sri Lanka.

Many thanks to Tropicai and its friendly team to be our sponsor during Berlin Fashion Week! 


1. One word to describe Berlin?
- Fascinating.

2. Day or Night?
- Day.

3. Mountain or ocean?
- Ocean.


4. Music or silence?
- Music.

5. Smoothie or Syrup?
- If we had a coconut smoothie we would choose the smoothie.

6. How came up the idea of Tropicai?
- I lived with my family for 8 years in the Philippines. My husband worked there as a bush pilot. I discovered the Virgin Coconut Oil there and was fascinated by the coconut palm tree. So on our return to Germany; I brought Virgin Coconut Oil with me and a vision. That was when Tropicai was born.


7. One word to describe your team?
- Passionate.

8. Your 3 key values?
- Authenticity, love of life, creativity.

9. Your dream destination?
- White Island of Camiguin.

10. The product that you’re the most proud of?
- Our unique Coconut Blossom Vinaigrettes – the best seasoning sauces you have ever tried (and in case you haven’t tried them yet – you definitely should).


11. The one that was the most tricky to develop?
- Our organic Coconut Milk Powder (coming soon …).

12. You’re involving people to share their upcycling ideas for your King coconut water bottles. What’s the best idea you received so far?
- Message in a bottle for lovely colleagues.

13. A coconut joke?
- Why did the coconuts not go to the ballet?
They were afraid of the nutcracker.


14. Your objectives for 2018?
- To enthuse more people with our refreshing Tropicai coconut world.

MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBAShiori Aiba is a Japanese-born...

January 15 2018

                               MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBA

Shiori Aiba is a Japanese-born material designer who is challenging our modern perception of exhausted materials by experimenting different methodologies and using different techniques. Her goal is to to adapt humble raw materials to the global market and to contribute to appreciate for all the materials we use disrespectfully. 

You can find a selection of her original artwork at STUDIO 183 - Bikini Berlin / 1st Floor. 


1. One word to describe Berlin? Free

2. Day or Night? Day

3. Mountain or ocean? Ocean. Honestly I was more like a mountain person before but changed after living in Berlin.


4. Music or silence to design? Silence.

5. Abstract or Realistic? Abstract.

6. Monochrome or colour? Definitely Colour!


7. Analogue or digital? Analogue.

8. Best place to be creative? Bath. I often got inspiration when I was taking a bath.

9. Your own favourite design? Paper Marble series.


10. Your most tricky one? Circle series. Even they are signature pieces, it’s still difficult to make proper shape by hand.


11. An artist we should follow? Envisions 

12. Biggest influence in your craft?
Texture, smell and colour of raw material.

13. Your graduation project “Paper redressed” open the way to another scheme called “Paper Menow”. Is there a new project in correlation with these two former ones? I’ve started to develop this material to make much bigger scale for furniture or architectural material. Also for further project I’m thinking to combine with other material such as metal.


14. What was your incentive to focus on paper as main material for your craft? Basically I’m interested in experimenting material with several methods. Paper is an ancient material and was highly valued in the past, however today it’s simply become banal. So then not many designer featured and developed this humble material to the upper level. That’s why I wanted to spotlight paper as an exciting material again to invent new usage.

15. A last word to describe your work? Revival of paper as an exciting material.



January 12 2018


The Freimeisterkollektiv is a merger of individualists – a joining of independent distillers and leading bartenders. This friendly crew relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of bartenders and experts in their respective fields. Their products are available at fair prices to both consumers and the industry without any of the traditional markups.

Many thanks to Freimeisterkollektiv for hosting the bar and sponsoring our event in collaboration with Kaltblut Magazine and Form Of Interest on Monday 15.01.18! 

1. One word to describe Berlin?
- Berlin

2. Day or Night?
- Night and day and night and sometimes the next morning

3. Mountain or ocean?
- Of course mountains (Kreuzberg, Schoeneberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Lichtenberg)

4. Music or silence?
- Noise

5. Vodka or Whisky?
- Quinoa Vodka with Rye Whiskey

6. Could you explain to us how started FreimeisterKollektiv?
- All of a sudden such a serious question… we wanted to hack economy and drink the best craft spits at the same time.

7. Your 3 key values?
- Humanism, Hedonism, Hangovers.
8. One word to describe the Freimeister crew?
- Devoted
9. Your favorite cocktail?
- Any that are mixed with our products.

10. 3 Bars to go in Berlin?
- Velvet, Becketts Kopf, Cafe Kotti
11. A quick joke for us?
- I couldn’t think of one so i googled best bar keeper jokes
12. Your objectives for 2018?
- Live long and prosper

MEET THE DESIGNER - TAURI LOOKTauri Look is an independant...

January 10 2018

                              MEET THE DESIGNER - TAURI LOOK

Tauri Look is an independant Fashion label founded in 2016 in Lithuania. The aim of Tauri Look is to create the image of a cute office woman. They pay a lot of attention to the selection of fabrics and only buy materials in high quality branded Italian homes. You can find a selection of Tauri Look’s collection at STUDIO 183 - Bikini Berlin / 1st Floor. 

1. One word to describe Berlin? Art
2. Day or Night? Days for business, nights for networking with moon, sky and stars :)
3. Mountain or ocean? Mountains with ocean view :)

4. Music or silence to design? Silence
5. Abstract or Realistic? Abstract
6. Monochrome or colour? Colour

7. Analogue or digital? Analogue
8. Best place to be creative? In a plane on a flight

9. Your own favourite design? Classical office woman style with spices
10. Your most tricky one? Our autumn cardigan of wool
11. An artist we should follow? Jonas Mekas, New York

12. Biggest influence in your craft? Vibe and synergy that appear with a people we meet: family, friends, clients..
13. What are the three key values of Tauri Look? High quality, passion for personal service, joy
14. A last word to describe your work? Joy

STUDIO 183 Fashion Week Events / 15-18 January 201815.01.18 //...

January 09 2018

               STUDIO 183 Fashion Week Events / 15-18 January 2018


15.01.18 // Form Of Interest. & Friends
6PM - 9.30PM


16.01.18 // KALTBLUT Magazine Fashion Award winner 2017
Ebby Port x Curated by Girls
7PM - 10PM


17.01.18 // NOETIA Live - Studio183 x Kaltblut Magazine
5PM - 8PM
Bikini Berlin - Studio183 - 1st Floor

18.01.18 // Opening Andreas_Hachulla Studio183
Vernissage, Merch Launch, Live Digital Drawing Performance & Dj Set  
7PM - 10PM

Many thanks to our sponsors: Freimeisterkollektiv, Michelberger’s Fountain of Youth, Tropicai, Lovely Day, Frau Tonis Parfum !  

MEET THE ARTIST - ANDREAS HACHULLAAndreas Hachulla is an artist...

January 08 2018

                         MEET THE ARTIST - ANDREAS HACHULLA

Andreas Hachulla is an artist based in Berlin making original digital drawings from his phone, which are presented on high quality prints. You’ll be able to discover his art pieces during his exhibition and merch opening on the 18.01.18 at STUDIO 183 Flagship Store. This event will also be the occasion to assist to a live digital drawing performance by Andreas Hachulla. 


1. Berlin by day or night? ‐‐ Rather nonstop

2. Spontaneous or prepared? ‐‐ Better both

3. Homogeneous or contrasted? ‐‐ The mixture is the key


4. Realistic or abstract? ‐‐ Abstraction of reality

5. Dark or colourful? ‐‐ Tendency to dark

6. Could you explain quickly the process of your drawings? ‐‐ It all starts with a white sheet on the screen of my smartphone. Mostly I use the SNote app for it. I quickly sketch some background structures that are detailed by different marker transparencies.


7. When did you make your first digital drawing? ‐‐ That was actually end of October 2013 on my tablet. It broke some day and I got a new device with SPen and the first one of this series i did on Dezember 13th in 2015.

8. On average, how long does it take you to draw one of your works? ‐‐ About ten to twenty minutes.

9. The printing process that you choose is really original and pretty complex. Could you explain how you get your final pieces of art? ‐‐ The drawings are printed as fine art prints mounted on Alu‐Dibond fixed behind acrylic glass; This Process similar to Diasec has been tested at the Technical University of Berlin according to durability and it provides the highest quality presentantion.

10. The drawing you’re the most proud of? ‐‐ Hard to say, there are some favourites so far, but currently i like one of the last “Skatebård@lab.oratory” a lot.


11. How many exhibitions did you already do? ‐‐ I did quite a number of exhibitions since the mid‐90s, but if you think of those with digital drawings, this one is number five.


12. An artist with who you would like to collaborate? ‐‐ There have been some collaborations yet and i just wanna stay curious about new encounters.

13. 3 words to qualify your work? ‐‐ Spontaneous, digital, impressionism.

14. Your objectives for 2018? ‐‐ Testing new techniques

15. A last word for Studio 183? ‐‐ ThnX 4 the invite and keep up the synergism of art, fashion and design.


18/01/18 Event:


January 05 2018

                             MEET THE COMPANY - FUNDAMENTAL 

FUNDAMENTAL is a Berlin company founded in 2011 by Gunnar Rönsch & Steve Molloy. They previously worked together as architects and have been inspired by the mathematics of the natural world. They created a range of furniture, artwork and accessories that explore the simple patterns from nature, bringing them into the home in an abstract form. 


1. One word to describe Berlin?

2. Day or Night?

3. Music or silence to design?


4. Abstract or Realistic?
The first represents the second.

5. Black & white or colourful?


6. Handcraft or digital?

7. Best place to be creative?

8. Your own favourite design?
Rhombus Ceiling Tiles.


9. Your most tricky one?
It’s also the trickiest, because it’s the hardest to explain.

10. An artist we should follow?
Sol Calero: the materials she uses to suggest a certain place and time that both existed and is a fantasy, that is familiar and exotic in equal measure is a big inspiration for us.

11. Biggest influence in your craft?
Arts and Crafts movement / Deutscher Werkbund, early 20th Cent.


12. What gave you the willingness to set up this concept of Cafe and Furniture Store?
We wanted to have life and activity next to our products.

13. You’re celebrating your 6th anniversary, do you have important schemes on the way for 2018?
We try to launch a new product every month, except in the last quarter of the year, when we are focused on Christmas, so watch this space.


14. A last word to describe your work and your team?


MEET THE COMPANY - TALMOTalmo is a Berlin based brand for...

December 21 2017

                                      MEET THE COMPANY - TALMO

Talmo is a Berlin based brand for stylishly designed electronic essentials. With backgrounds in e-commerce, design and the smartphone industry, this friendly team combine a passion for quality electronics and unique fashion-accessories. Their everyday tech items will help you stay fashionably charged and digitally connected at home and on the go.

You can find Talmo’s chargers at our both STUDIO 183 stores:

Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin

Budapester Str. 46-48, 10787 Berlin - Bikini Berlin - 1rst Floor


1.  One word to describe Berlin?

2.  Beer or bubbly?
I’m going to be cheeky and say Campari with OJ. (No hangover!)

3.  Mountain or ocean?
Born and raised island girl - Ocean!


4.  Music or silence to design?
Definitly music - a good playlist can do wonders for creativity block.

5.  Abstract or Realistic?
Abstract - life’s already too real.

6.  Monochrome or colour?
Colour, all the way, the FULL spectrum.


7.  Analogue or digital?
Digital clocks but analogue notes. Kindle for holidays but handwritten postcards. Spotify for music, but vinyl for cover art. That “oh yeah!” feeling you get when develop analogue photos you forgot you took. Did I confuse you yet?

8.  Best place to be creative?
Anywhere comfortable with: pen & paper, headphones, a computer - and LOTS of space to spread your ideas. I’m talking table, wall & floor.


9.  Your own favourite design?
Our packaging

10.   An artist we should follow?
Currently crushing on @jackyblue__

11.  Your favourite Apple product?
Magic Mouse , anything else feels like navigating an awkward turtle across the desk.


12.  What are the 3 key values of Talmo?
Quality, style & fun.
13.  The next big thing in tech?
Everyone’s talking about Voice.
14.  A last word to describe your brand?
The start of something great.


MEET THE DESIGNER - NO CURENo Cure Apparel originated in...

December 19 2017

                                  MEET THE DESIGNER - NO CURE

No Cure Apparel originated in Vancouver, Canada in 2013, founded by Jasmine Hirtz. With the hopes of infusing street style with mountain wear, the Pacific North West inspired No Cure to unearth the functional mechanism required to spend quality time outdoors. A perfect mix of comfort and original hand-made designs made through an exclusive small production in Berlin.

No Cure’s Collection is available at Studio 183, Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin.


1. One word to describe Berlin?

2. Beer or bubbly?
Beerz plz

3. Mountain or ocean?
Get me to the top of the mountain! So I can ski down to the sea ;);)


4. Music or silence to design?
Hip Hop tracks, always.

5. Abstract or Realistic?
Abstracted reality, pretty much always.


6. Monochrome or colour?
Colour (actually, no black in the collection!)


7. Analogue or digital?
So much digital gains, my laptops got pains!

8. Best place to be creative?
At home with my sewing machine on the night before a special occasion.

9. Your own favourite design?
The blanket coat warming device, no fear of Winter with that coat on the rack.


10. The best emoji?
Lately, the flames.

11. An artist we should follow?
Rae Sremmurd, a California hip hop duo keeping it tight. And for lady powers, Dua Lipa!!

12. Your favourite winter sport?
Skiing since I was 3, snowboarding since I was 14. Anything to get me down the hill fast.

13. What are the 3 key values of No Cure?
Quality, texture, love, love, love


14. If your brand had a spirit animal, what would it be?
Polar bears, no fear of the cold.

15. A last word to describe your brand?


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