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June 15 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

I am Anja Mrakovic, the founder and designer behind Moonkid Jewellery Design, Berlin based contemporary jewellery label.

Everything started as a personal side project while I was still working as an architect in Zagreb and Montreal. After moving to Berlin I decided to finally pursue it as a full time profession. If I should briefly introduce the brand, I would say that the brand tries to combine different expressions - it is bold in one way and minimalistic in another. Combination of color applied to a pure geometric form is what makes my jewellery striking but simple at the same time.


What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

So far, with color as the hallmark of my first collection, I was constantly introducing new items to fit into the existing span of various colors and patterns. I am still just in a phase of experimenting with some new techniques and materials for the new collection while my main concern is to stay original - staying inside the same aesthetic range but avoiding the trap of repeating myself.


Who is your muse?

It is hard to talk about a specific person that influences my designs. I wouldn`t say that there is some specific “muse” that inspires me… It is more about various influences that come from my background, many of which maybe even I am not aware of.

Also, very often people ask me if I was inspired by Africa or Egyptian jewellery – although it was never a conscious decision, my love for travel has to have something to do with it.

What kind of craft techniques do you use when creating your unique pieces?

The process is strictly mechanical – no soldering or welding, only “dry” joints. Some pieces are also industrially premade, which I then assemble into small structures. At the moment, I work mostly with copper and cotton thread folded in different patterns, a process that requires great precision and time.


How does your background in architecture influence your designs?

I would say that the influence is mostly visible from the fact that I approach each of my pieces as a structure made of different layers: a body that consists both of inner “skeleton” that keeps the form and an outer  "facade".

The skills, tools and insights acquired from architecture education are definitely something that allowed me to quickly scale down to jewellery, considering I had no formal training as a jewellery designer.


Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

My main wish for the future is to continue developing new jewellery and skill sets, but the main preoccupation right now is to increase the online presence of the brand, and expand to markets outside of Berlin and Germany.