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September 02 2017


Melita Rus, tell us a bit about yourself and the development of your jewellery brand MELLOW.

I am the designer of MELLOW by Melita Rus. It is a contemporary jewelry brand, which is eclectic, unique and unexpected. All the pieces are made by using construction and household materials, like screws, bolts, cables and other elements I find in a household shop mixed with Swarovski crystals, Baltic Amber, mineral stones or silver pieces. I like using clashing materials in one piece, like melted plastic and Baltic Amber stones, it gives a nice mix of edgy and classy, and that is what makes my jewelry so eclectic and alternative. Every single piece is unique and handmade in my studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.


These jewellery pieces opposite to hardware tools can be associated with a daring lifestyle and impeccable style. Mellow jewellery is made for the ones who embrace every second of their exciting lives ‘here and now’, the ones who value uniqueness, not the number of carats and hallmark. Not everything that is worth having has a hallmark, and not everything that is eye-catching has carats. These statement jewellery is made from cables, construction glue, silicone and screws, which are accentuated by carbines and cable tightening details. We believe that unusual details can become a tool to create beauty and style and that jewelry could be more just a thing. So every piece is one of a kind or limited edition. Every Mellow piece has it’s own life code.


What about your inspiration?

It is funny, but for me the best place for inspiration is a car service, so it’s always good news for me when I have to take my car there. Also, buildings under construction and construction material shops. I can be inspired by a car engine, a vacuum cleaner or a broken washing machine. I even found myself inspired when I touch different surfaces e.g. various packages of food. I always was a little bit strange. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because the inspiration just popped up in my head.

What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

The values and the message I want to spread to the world through my pieces are the most important for designing a collection. Every collection reflects the strength I gain through the years.


You work with construction and household materials and mix them with precious stones. Tell us a bit more about the idea behind it!

The message behind it is that the boundaries of the world have vanished, we visit each other’s countries and exchange cultures because we love to give and to get. We do not divide ourselves into any separate groups because it suddenly makes no sense anymore. We do not judge the beauty and the value by the number of the carats or the hallmark but by what it stands for.


What are the references were you working with for your new collection?

Colors, shapes and silhouettes of pieces.

What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I am working on the new collection, that will be very different to the previous collection and can’t wait to show it to the world.


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