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MEET THE DESIGNER - STUDIO WINKLER Julia Winkler, who grew up in...

February 20 2018

                     MEET THE DESIGNER - STUDIO WINKLER                               

Julia Winkler, who grew up in Zurich and is now working in Berlin, launched STUDIO WINKLER in 2012 after graduating from Berlin’s International University of Art for Fashion (ESMOD) with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Pattern-Making. Her collections contain many influences that are smartly connected, which create the magic of her work.

Find your favourite Winkler’s piece at both store locations STUDIO183 Flagship Store & BIKINI Berlin.  


If you were…

… A city?
A mix between where I live (Berlin) and where I come from (Zurich) with some unknown ingredients of cities I have never been.

… A monument?
It’s not a monument but a sculpture, Maurizio Cattelan’s Ostrich.

… A season?
Winter but with snow.


… A painting?
Jonas Burgert, trag früh 2017.

… An animal?
A black cat.

… A sport?


… A book?
“Das weisse Buch” by Rafael Horzon or Rocko Schamoni “Risiko des Ruhms” –
both hilarious. And the Dries Van Noten inspiration book.

… A movie/series?
Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

… A song?
Moodymann, Sunday Morning.

… A nightclub? 
I don’t really go to nightclubs anymore… I tell you my favourite bar – Rias GT in Manteuffelstrasse or Würgeengel.


Your graduation collection made in 2012 has been a springboard given that you won 2 awards for it, and you subsequently worked at Barbara Bui in Paris. How would you describe this experience in France?
Working at Barbara Bui was a very intense experience as I was thrown into embroidery design which I never did before. Luckily, I had the best boss I could imagine and left the company with skills I did not have before. We’re still in contact today and I am grateful for the fact that she let me jump completely into her creative world, teaching me all she knows about embroidery and print design in ready-to- wear, accessories and shoes.


What are your 3 main values?
Patience (which I rarely have so I am practicing), loyalty & live and let live.

Your objectives for 2018?
I am still working on the perfect womens suit so I hope to come close to my expectations within this year. I am working on accessories and of course I want to work on the growth of my label and business.


MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBAShiori Aiba is a Japanese-born...

January 15 2018

                               MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBA

Shiori Aiba is a Japanese-born material designer who is challenging our modern perception of exhausted materials by experimenting different methodologies and using different techniques. Her goal is to to adapt humble raw materials to the global market and to contribute to appreciate for all the materials we use disrespectfully. 

You can find a selection of her original artwork at STUDIO 183 - Bikini Berlin / 1st Floor. 


1. One word to describe Berlin? Free

2. Day or Night? Day

3. Mountain or ocean? Ocean. Honestly I was more like a mountain person before but changed after living in Berlin.


4. Music or silence to design? Silence.

5. Abstract or Realistic? Abstract.

6. Monochrome or colour? Definitely Colour!


7. Analogue or digital? Analogue.

8. Best place to be creative? Bath. I often got inspiration when I was taking a bath.

9. Your own favourite design? Paper Marble series.


10. Your most tricky one? Circle series. Even they are signature pieces, it’s still difficult to make proper shape by hand.


11. An artist we should follow? Envisions 

12. Biggest influence in your craft?
Texture, smell and colour of raw material.

13. Your graduation project “Paper redressed” open the way to another scheme called “Paper Menow”. Is there a new project in correlation with these two former ones? I’ve started to develop this material to make much bigger scale for furniture or architectural material. Also for further project I’m thinking to combine with other material such as metal.


14. What was your incentive to focus on paper as main material for your craft? Basically I’m interested in experimenting material with several methods. Paper is an ancient material and was highly valued in the past, however today it’s simply become banal. So then not many designer featured and developed this humble material to the upper level. That’s why I wanted to spotlight paper as an exciting material again to invent new usage.

15. A last word to describe your work? Revival of paper as an exciting material.


MEET THE DESIGNER - TAURI LOOKTauri Look is an independant...

January 10 2018

                              MEET THE DESIGNER - TAURI LOOK

Tauri Look is an independant Fashion label founded in 2016 in Lithuania. The aim of Tauri Look is to create the image of a cute office woman. They pay a lot of attention to the selection of fabrics and only buy materials in high quality branded Italian homes. You can find a selection of Tauri Look’s collection at STUDIO 183 - Bikini Berlin / 1st Floor. 

1. One word to describe Berlin? Art
2. Day or Night? Days for business, nights for networking with moon, sky and stars :)
3. Mountain or ocean? Mountains with ocean view :)

4. Music or silence to design? Silence
5. Abstract or Realistic? Abstract
6. Monochrome or colour? Colour

7. Analogue or digital? Analogue
8. Best place to be creative? In a plane on a flight

9. Your own favourite design? Classical office woman style with spices
10. Your most tricky one? Our autumn cardigan of wool
11. An artist we should follow? Jonas Mekas, New York

12. Biggest influence in your craft? Vibe and synergy that appear with a people we meet: family, friends, clients..
13. What are the three key values of Tauri Look? High quality, passion for personal service, joy
14. A last word to describe your work? Joy

MEET THE COMPANY - TALMOTalmo is a Berlin based brand for...

December 21 2017

                                      MEET THE COMPANY - TALMO

Talmo is a Berlin based brand for stylishly designed electronic essentials. With backgrounds in e-commerce, design and the smartphone industry, this friendly team combine a passion for quality electronics and unique fashion-accessories. Their everyday tech items will help you stay fashionably charged and digitally connected at home and on the go.

You can find Talmo’s chargers at our both STUDIO 183 stores:

Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin

Budapester Str. 46-48, 10787 Berlin - Bikini Berlin - 1rst Floor


1.  One word to describe Berlin?

2.  Beer or bubbly?
I’m going to be cheeky and say Campari with OJ. (No hangover!)

3.  Mountain or ocean?
Born and raised island girl - Ocean!


4.  Music or silence to design?
Definitly music - a good playlist can do wonders for creativity block.

5.  Abstract or Realistic?
Abstract - life’s already too real.

6.  Monochrome or colour?
Colour, all the way, the FULL spectrum.


7.  Analogue or digital?
Digital clocks but analogue notes. Kindle for holidays but handwritten postcards. Spotify for music, but vinyl for cover art. That “oh yeah!” feeling you get when develop analogue photos you forgot you took. Did I confuse you yet?

8.  Best place to be creative?
Anywhere comfortable with: pen & paper, headphones, a computer - and LOTS of space to spread your ideas. I’m talking table, wall & floor.


9.  Your own favourite design?
Our packaging

10.   An artist we should follow?
Currently crushing on @jackyblue__

11.  Your favourite Apple product?
Magic Mouse , anything else feels like navigating an awkward turtle across the desk.


12.  What are the 3 key values of Talmo?
Quality, style & fun.
13.  The next big thing in tech?
Everyone’s talking about Voice.
14.  A last word to describe your brand?
The start of something great.


MEET THE DESIGNER - NO CURENo Cure Apparel originated in...

December 19 2017

                                  MEET THE DESIGNER - NO CURE

No Cure Apparel originated in Vancouver, Canada in 2013, founded by Jasmine Hirtz. With the hopes of infusing street style with mountain wear, the Pacific North West inspired No Cure to unearth the functional mechanism required to spend quality time outdoors. A perfect mix of comfort and original hand-made designs made through an exclusive small production in Berlin.

No Cure’s Collection is available at Studio 183, Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin.


1. One word to describe Berlin?

2. Beer or bubbly?
Beerz plz

3. Mountain or ocean?
Get me to the top of the mountain! So I can ski down to the sea ;);)


4. Music or silence to design?
Hip Hop tracks, always.

5. Abstract or Realistic?
Abstracted reality, pretty much always.


6. Monochrome or colour?
Colour (actually, no black in the collection!)


7. Analogue or digital?
So much digital gains, my laptops got pains!

8. Best place to be creative?
At home with my sewing machine on the night before a special occasion.

9. Your own favourite design?
The blanket coat warming device, no fear of Winter with that coat on the rack.


10. The best emoji?
Lately, the flames.

11. An artist we should follow?
Rae Sremmurd, a California hip hop duo keeping it tight. And for lady powers, Dua Lipa!!

12. Your favourite winter sport?
Skiing since I was 3, snowboarding since I was 14. Anything to get me down the hill fast.

13. What are the 3 key values of No Cure?
Quality, texture, love, love, love


14. If your brand had a spirit animal, what would it be?
Polar bears, no fear of the cold.

15. A last word to describe your brand?


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MEET THE DESIGNER - CONCEPTOConcepto is an independent Fashion...

December 08 2017

                                 MEET THE DESIGNER - CONCEPTO

Concepto is an independent Fashion label from Romania. It is a brand that stands for powerful women, based on minimalist lines, unconventional cuts and unique combinations. A label inspired by women who know what they want in life. Who own their path, so it is easy for them to fulfill their dreams. Such women never give up, because they manage to always find their inner strength.

CONCEPTO is available at STUDIO183, BiKINI Berlin, Budapester Str. 46, 10787 Berlin


1.    One word to describe Berlin?  Eclectic.

2.    Beer or coconut water? Coconut water.

3.    Day or Night? Day.

4.    Music or silence to design? Music.


5.    Abstract or Realistic? Abstract.

6.    Black & white or colourful? Black and White.

7.    Handcraft or digital? Digital.

8.    Best place to be creative? In the workshop – the creative vibe is already there.


9.    Your own favourite design? The Django Janis leather jacket.

10.  Your most tricky one? The Maxine Dress.


11.  An artist we should follow? Pavel Grosu.

12.  Biggest influence in your craft? Powerful women.

13. What are the 3 key values of Concepto? Courage, determination and innovation.

14. Your passion for this environment started thanks to a sewing machine from your Grandmother. Would you also like to convey this passion to the future generation of your family?  By all means! We’d love to cultivate the aesthetic sense among the youngest members of the family.

15. A last word to describe your work? Provocative.


MEET THE DESIGNER VIKA TONUPlease introduce yourself and your...

September 12 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Victoria Tonu, I am a 29 years old artist based in Bucharest, Romania, and for the last four years I have been creating pieces for my jewelry brand Vika Tonu Design.

I have graduated from an Interdisciplinary Art and Design Course at Huddersfield University in the UK, and then continued my studies in resistant materials at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Firenze, Italy.


Jewelry for me represents the most suggestive and personal form of expression, and it appeared in my life as the answer to my struggle as a growing artist: how is my work going to have any direct impact on other people?

Even though I did not enjoy creating jewelry at the beginning, my persuasion led me to the understanding of the process and this offered me a totally different perspective. My early education also had its influence upon this journey, as I was schooled in an alternative, spiritual and free way. Awareness towards nature, the four elements, the planets, and of course towards our inner cosmos has been an accent since I was a child, all this in a very creative and artistic environment. So by the time I really had to take a decision about my path, I realized I could associate the jewelry making to the myth of the alchemical dream which is also a metaphor to the personal evolution - transforming something rough and shapeless into something beautiful and precious, all through hard work and effort.

Basic shapes became associated with signs, elements, symbols, and the pieces started to gain sense if you really wanted to look for it. To sum it up, Vika Tonu Design jewelry pieces are all hand made, and imbued with personal energy, meaning and Soul. I hope that people can feel and understand the difference between a mass product jewelry and one created with a different, more compelling purpose, a jewelry to be worn for a much longer time.


What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

I do not enjoy the pressure of creating a collection at a certain time. As an artist I go through phases of inspiration and introspection, and this is why sometimes it takes more time until I feel I could start a new series. The thing I consider the most important in creating a jewelry is its message, this is why I don’t perceive it as a decorative adornment, but as a translation of my own reflections. Most of my pieces have suggestive titles and their purpose is to help the wearer identify with the message. In this manner, there is a different kind of relationship which is born between the person and the object – it becomes a symbolic reminder, a totem.

What or who inspires you the most?

I have various sources of inspiration, depending on my evolution, I guess. I started with the exploration of the Greek alphabet and culture, alchemy, and then astrology. The more complex pieces were mostly my thoughts and states – simplified and objectified. At the present moment I am interested in psychology, and in this vast area so many things await to be discovered, explored and transformed into art.

What has been the best compliment someone has given your work?

I was told by quite a lot of people that they do not take off their rings from their fingers because they feel as if there is something very important missing. Some said that they consider that my jewelry is bringing them luck.

At the end, the best compliment is that people recommend me to others, and still want to wear what I create. I have been doing quite a lot of wedding bands besides my designs – all unique and customized according to the couple’s story and energy. The fact that my rings will become part of a family, history and heritage is extremely flattering.

How you would describe your affinity and your interaction with the materials you use in your collection?

I feel very comfortable working with silver and this is my favorite material so far. The funny thing is that while I was studying I was literally scared of it – it was pretentious compared to other metals like copper or brass, and also more expensive. Each mistake (and there were plenty) had it’s cost. After years, and hundreds of pieces, I feel like I am finally in a stable and unconditional relationship with this material.

Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

I do have some new collaborations coming up, and hopefully a more complex personal project. But other than that my wish for the year ahead is to travel as much as I can with my work, and raise awareness about it in more cool places like Studio 183.



Website: under construction –

MEET THE DESIGNER CLAUDIA VITALICould you please introduce...

September 05 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I went to Santiago de Chile to finish my fashion design studies at Inacap institute. After finishing my degree I went to Barcelona, Spain, where I studied styling in Audiovisual Communication & Make-Up Artistry. In the year 2009 I founded my label Claudia Vitali in Berlin.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

In the street, on the dancefloor, travelling… to be able to design I need to find myself, center myself, focus myself, study, travel and feel myself comfortable… all this paired with the inspirations from the place I go to results in a new Claudia Vitali collection.


How did you start designing swim- and beachwear?

It was three years ago, after having designed my first bodysuit collection. I figured out that each of them could also be used as a swimsuit and that there was a market for a product which was a body, but is also suited for water. Alternatively, which is a more sophisticated swimsuit, a bit more elegant and sensual. Something in which you would not feel dressed in a swimsuit, but which would also fit that purpose. The swimsuits I design are more like swim-able suits!


You use colorful and fun prints on your designs, which look a bit retro, with an ‘80s-’90s aesthetic. Can you tell us a bit more about the design process?

I constantly try to find new patterns and prints for my designs. Going to all kinds of fabric stores and also researching antique fabric prints. Other designs I find whilst travelling. Many of my works are collaborations, with artists and photographers. I have collaborated on works together with Melina Pecharki (Brasil), the artists Mexicana Meteoro, Nilufar Zarré (Uruguay) and Ali Cabello (Chile), and with the photographers Carlitos Trujillo (Ecuador) and Simon País (Chile).

What’s your favorite place to be in the summer?

A beautiful crystalline beach, with soft sand, sun and heat - happy people, dancing and having fun together with a good session of electronic music.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I would like to convert Claudia Vitali to a sustainable and eco-friendly label and stop contributing to the contamination our beautiful earth. I am going to launch the first swimwear collection of recycled lyrca fabrics soon. Stay tuned!


Facebook: Claudia Vitali Clothes & Magic

Instagram: @claudiavitalii

MEET THE DESIGNER MELLOW JEWELLERYMelita Rus, tell us a bit about...

September 02 2017


Melita Rus, tell us a bit about yourself and the development of your jewellery brand MELLOW.

I am the designer of MELLOW by Melita Rus. It is a contemporary jewelry brand, which is eclectic, unique and unexpected. All the pieces are made by using construction and household materials, like screws, bolts, cables and other elements I find in a household shop mixed with Swarovski crystals, Baltic Amber, mineral stones or silver pieces. I like using clashing materials in one piece, like melted plastic and Baltic Amber stones, it gives a nice mix of edgy and classy, and that is what makes my jewelry so eclectic and alternative. Every single piece is unique and handmade in my studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.


These jewellery pieces opposite to hardware tools can be associated with a daring lifestyle and impeccable style. Mellow jewellery is made for the ones who embrace every second of their exciting lives ‘here and now’, the ones who value uniqueness, not the number of carats and hallmark. Not everything that is worth having has a hallmark, and not everything that is eye-catching has carats. These statement jewellery is made from cables, construction glue, silicone and screws, which are accentuated by carbines and cable tightening details. We believe that unusual details can become a tool to create beauty and style and that jewelry could be more just a thing. So every piece is one of a kind or limited edition. Every Mellow piece has it’s own life code.


What about your inspiration?

It is funny, but for me the best place for inspiration is a car service, so it’s always good news for me when I have to take my car there. Also, buildings under construction and construction material shops. I can be inspired by a car engine, a vacuum cleaner or a broken washing machine. I even found myself inspired when I touch different surfaces e.g. various packages of food. I always was a little bit strange. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because the inspiration just popped up in my head.

What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

The values and the message I want to spread to the world through my pieces are the most important for designing a collection. Every collection reflects the strength I gain through the years.


You work with construction and household materials and mix them with precious stones. Tell us a bit more about the idea behind it!

The message behind it is that the boundaries of the world have vanished, we visit each other’s countries and exchange cultures because we love to give and to get. We do not divide ourselves into any separate groups because it suddenly makes no sense anymore. We do not judge the beauty and the value by the number of the carats or the hallmark but by what it stands for.


What are the references were you working with for your new collection?

Colors, shapes and silhouettes of pieces.

What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I am working on the new collection, that will be very different to the previous collection and can’t wait to show it to the world.


Social media links:





i n s p i r a t i o n: CeciSTATELESS VAGABONDSA land of sands...

August 29 2017

i n s p i r a t i o n: Ceci


A land of sands ocean wide,

where home is only a

momentary illusion.

Abandoned by the cosmos,

I walk on, with less

possessions to weight me down.

Finding the oasis where misery will cease.

Free of conformity,


freedom has no constraints,

and I have non either.

And whilst my eyes wander,

constantly pulled in all directions,

I become a stateless vagabond.

The wind carries the clouds,

like dusty shadows veil me.

And all of the sudden I realise

none is my own.

Never lost to a chosen fate.

Better to walk without knowing where

than to sit aimlessly.

Desire of the intangible,

a pursuit of solitude.

A free spirit desires the intangible - the meaning of existence. The AW17 collection is inspired by the stateless vagabonds, the Tuareg soul in us. CECI breaks the monotony and chooses easiness and effortless elegance.

The journey of a estranged nomad, never lost to her fate. Colours that describe the spirit and depth of her solitude:

Dusty Shadowed Black. Intangible Tuareg Blue. Cloudy Veiled Grey. Sunset Sandy Burgundy.

The distressed and yet light - warmed experience of the wanderer in the Saharan sunset: Rough textures of denim, wool blends for protection from sandstorms in life, and laser burnt textures to express the feeling of warmth in the sun.

Lazy silhouettes that show the illusions of the indescribable. Drifting in spaces with no constraints. Shelters made by heavy layering. Draping elements to veil the spirit of the wearer allowing a fluent transformation in nature.

Check out or interview with the designer on the blog here.

MEET THE DESIGNER ARTEMISHIANPlease introduce yourself and your...

August 26 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Ahmet Sarimehmet. I’m the founder and designer of the jewellery brand Artemishian: leather bracelets with feather, fur and design. For years I’ve been creating bracelets and also doing hair and makeup for opera and ballet, weddings, fashion shows, film and commercials. I’m fascinated by creativity and all around designing and crafting - from handwork to sewing.


Could you please tell a bit more of your background and how have you started to design jewelry?

First, I began making bracelets with beads for myself but shortly people started to ask me if they could also get some. It started very small. After a couple of months, I was booked for an ethno inspired photo shoot with a lot of jewellery but I felt like I missed some bracelets with feathers for the African model who is also a friend of mine. Then I decided to make the bracelets myself. After this, the collection grew fast and I added different kinds of leather, animal prints, and lengths of feathers.


Your use quality materials, like nappa leather, and pendants with traditional motifs. It seems like a certain heritage and history is important for you. Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I have loved traditional handwork since I was a child. My mother used to cross stitch and make lace and I loved to watch her work. The roots of some of my pendants are superstition and mythology. I love to combine old traditional motifs with modern new pieces. I find inspiration in different cultures, film and on the Internet.


Do you design with an ideal woman in mind? Who is your muse?

The ideal woman in my mind changes constantly. She is defined by different countries, ages and styles. Currently a friend, singer and model called Carmen Samira is my favourite muse. Her power, energy and whole being motivates me to come up with new collections.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I love making jewellery. Right now, I’m organizing some photoshoots. Many pieces are unisex from my collection, but I’m working on a “men’s only” collection too.


Instagram: ahmet__sarimehmet

Facebook: ahmet sarimehmet

Website: coming soon

MEET THE DESIGNER YINKANACould you please introduce yourself and...

August 24 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

YINKANA is a unique, Berlin based jewelry label. Utilizing traditional technique and a mix of man-and earth-made materials, we translate experiences and stories into elegant pieces of jewelry with a wild heart.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Driven by a fascination of the interplay between scent and memory, YINKANA began as a personalized jewelry label which carried scent-based memories in small glass flasks. Now, the concepts of personality and lightness flow into the new designs.

An understated elegance and sense for simplicity, together with the fine materials and clean forms complete these compositions. Malu Lopez, the creative brain behind the brand, draws her inspiration from natural materials such as wood, plants, and minerals as well as found or forgotten objects, and their secret stories.


You use a great mix of natural and man-made materials in your pieces, your jewelry has an earthy undertone. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Well, I grew up in a place surrounded by dry mountains, desert and sea, and that’s what I have seen everyday. For that reason I might have a better understanding of the salty water, the blue sky and the yellow surfaces, more than the jungle or the countryside fields, even if I am also interested in them. I also loved sailing, and for me is the most naturally induced way of meditation that I never experimented. It just comes so easy and soft, whenever I am sailing I am in peace with myself, and with the world.


You employ traditional techniques when creating your pieces. Could you please tell a bit more  about the production process?

Right now I am learning and developing a new collection by using the traditional technique “lost wax”, so every piece have been cast in metal from a previous wax prototype, which allows you to be very playful with volumes and shapes, and also adds a raw touch to the pieces. I love it, every piece of the collection seems to be ancient, to have a long story behind it. Also I am using natural beeswax which is very stimulating to work with, due to its texture and fragrance.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I would like to go somewhere which I still hasn’t decided yet, where I can get inspired by the culture and the natural surroundings, and develop the concept for the next collection.





MEET THE DESIGNER ALMA DE PIEDRACould you please introduce...

August 22 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

I’m Sofia Carrillo, from Guadalajara, México, founder and designer of Alma de Piedra. Alma de Piedra is a jewelry brand, handcrafted by Mexican artisans and myself. I like to create unique pieces using most of all raw gemstones trying to highlight the beauty and natural qualities of their elements. Each stone has a different meaning and energy and people buy them regarding their very own character.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I find inspiration in nature and in life itself, but I could say that most of my inspiration come from each of the stones that I carefully select, each one of them inspire me to do something unique with it.

You use natural materials and stones in your designs, your jewelry has an earthy, powerful aesthetic. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Nature is everything. The stones come from the the depths of the earth and my jewelry should reflect the calm feeling you have when you walk in nature. 

To be able to create pieces with beautiful stones that are full of energy is something very special, I like to think that somehow it also connects the people who wear them with nature.


Do you have an ideal woman in mind you design for? Who is your muse?

I design for all women, I like to think that when they wear my jewelry this inspires them to feel free, powerful, beautiful and comfortable with themselves as they are. 

I get deeply inspired by any woman who lives her life in her own way, who is in touch with herself and embraces her true self.

Any woman who live like this is a muse for me.


Your pieces are handmade by you or Mexican artisans. Could you please tell more about your sustainable production process?

Since I started the brand 4 years ago I worked with a lovely family of artisans in Mexico, where the workshop is. Every item is made individually by hand. I design all the jewelry and choose personally each of the stones we will use. I am with the craftswomen and men a lot to control the process, and of course to exchange ideas, and I also make some of the items myself.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

Travelling is just the most inspiring source for creating new things. I was in berlin a lot, went on some roadtrips to Scandinavia and Italy and now I am very happy go get back and start working on the new collection.

I have a clothes brand as well which I have to take care of. My plans are to continue travelling the world finding new stones, designing and making new pieces and grow the business in a very healthy, sustainable way.

Social media links:



MEET THE DESIGNER DOLINERCould you please introduce yourself and...

August 19 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

My name is Gili and I am a detail explorer and maker, originally from Israel.  I graduated with a BA in jewellery design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv. 3 years ago I moved to Berlin where I am currently based.

I define myself as a detail explorer & maker because this describes best the essence of my practice which is expressed in all of my designs. My pieces stand on the fine line between art and design therefore you can find them in design stores like Studio183 and in galleries or art jewellery exhibitions, such as Joya Barcelona.


What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

I don’t relate to the idea of creating seasonal collections. I choose to look at it more as a “growing collection”, quite like a personal jewellery box that you have at home, which contains jewellery from different periods in your life, and is characterised by various aesthetics.

What connects all the pieces together is simply the fact that they were all curated by the same person, who found a reason to have/keep each and every one of them. They are all connected in a way and hold different stories and memories within.


Your jewelry pieces are sometimes playful in design, or a mix of ancient heritage and very modern. Where do you find inspiration?

My creative process starts with eyes wide open. I collect and document moments from my life and in my work I see the world through the enthusiastic eye of a child who’s experiencing things for the first time. I try to maintain this childish enthusiasm by provoking the viewer and by creating objects with Kinetic elements and hidden details, which trigger him or her to experience the same curiosity that I’ve experienced and transform them into material, into jewelry.


For example my Chicken earrings, when not being worn, they are literally sitting and functioning as an object on a shelf with a lot of character.

Then, while functioning as earnings, they stand upright. I love to see the surprise on one’s face, as he discovers the hidden function of this Object-Earring.


I also like the fact that they don’t just fulfill their job as earrings and go into a box. Each Chicken is made from many tiny parts and take a long time to make. It’s almost like being in a meditative state. I’m always happy with them. They make me smile.


Your pieces are handmade and cared for with great attention to detail. Could you please let us know more about the production process?

To be honest I refer to “great attention to detail” in an almost obsessive way. My starting point are the small details, they are my trigger for creating. It can be a mechanism or a tiny piece of metal, I then find the extension of the thing that triggered me and express it in the piece.

My table is cluttered with tiny pieces and I work simultaneously on a few things at the same time. It might be connected to my A.D.H.D but the design process for me is like riddles that I keep inventing and which need solving. This is why when a “solution” appears in my mind I abandon the rest of my work and put all of my attention on finishing the piece.

What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

The next thing coming out is a new series of rings, the collection deals with expressions and moods. I can’t wait for them to be out! I promise you will also be able to find a couple of pieces in the lovely Studio 183.

I inform my customers about new pieces on Facebook & Instagram, you can follow me for updates.

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MEET THE DESIGNER VIS A VISCould you please introduce yourself...

August 12 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

VIS A VIS is a street wear label based in Vienna. The label was founded by 22 year old Andrea Kerber in April 2016. VIS A VIS represents the interaction between noble an urban clothing. The apparent contrasts blend together perfectly and create a signature look. Another feature of the brand is the cozy and simple cuts, which ensure wearability and comfort. The label focuses on quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

VIS A VIS draws its inspiration from music, different fabrics, people and icons. The diversitiy in Vienna concerning different cultures and people affect VIS A VIS. During drinking coffee and listening music, I watch people passing by. But also some special fabrics are able to trigger a new idea.


Your collections are modern and feminine, perfectly encapsulate the character of the contemporary woman. What is the ideal woman you design for like? Do you have a muse?

The ideal woman I design for is a self-confident and strong. The idea behind VIS A VIS is to dress women who want to look fashionable and find comfort important at the same time.

My muse is definitely Caroline de Maigret.


You created a jewelry collection with jewelry brand Nadine Now, which we also have in store, and also asked a few questions from the designer, Nadine on this blog. Could you please tell a bit more about how the collaboration came into life?

Two years ago Nadine and I met up in Vienna searching for a flat. We stayed in contact and when we launched our labels and became self-emplyed, we decided to create a collaboration.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

In September I am part of the Vienna Fashion Week, so for now I have to prepare all the looks for the Show.




MEET THE DESIGNER LISA DOROSHENKOVACould you please introduce...

July 27 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

My name is Liza Doroshenkova, I am a designer of my own brand LisaDorochenkova (pronounced in French). The brand exists for more than three years now. It all started with noticing the variety of beautiful fabrics and a strong wish to do something with them. In the first year I haven’t created entire collections, rather I designed unique items for individual clients. Now I create tiny collections two times a year. The collections can be purchased through the Internet, in a Moscow showroom hhlvk, and in Studio183 in Berlin. I continue working with the individual clients as well, and I am always open to new opportunities of cooperation.


What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

When I start to work on a new collection the first thing I create is a mood board. I look for new textures, forms, fabrics… a stormy creative moment. At the same time one should always remember for what, and -what is more important- for whom you are creating your clothes, should think about the people, what do they want to wear. That is why I carefully work on the construction of my clothes to make it not only interesting and gorgeous, but comfortable and convenient at the same time.


What or who inspires you the most?

Every time I am inspired by different things: paintings, movies, music, nature, textures, cities, or architecture. Though probably most of all I am inspired by people: people around me, people on the photos, old photos, I love to observe them, to study their faces, costumes, small details in their outfits, accessories. 


How would you describe your interaction with the materials you use in your collection?

The fabrics that I use to create the clothes are important for me. The priority for the garment is to feel comfortable, so I prefer to work with natural fabrics. At the same time I experiment a lot with the fabrics, I check their possibilities and limits. I paint the fabric, bleach it, I create the prints and embroideries, I tear the fabric up, strain it and do various manipulations to it. Not all the experiments I use eventually in my works, but the process itself absorbs me.


What has been the best compliment someone has given you on your work?

A girl bought my dress to wear it for her sister’s wedding. She told me she would buy the dress even regardless of the wedding, she loved it so much. Fortunately the dress did not just suited the girl, but looked amazing on her. Later she wrote me a thank you letter full of warm wishes including the photos from the wedding - that was really touching and a pleasure to read.


Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

I will keep on working. I would like to change the work process slightly to make it more efficient, but I won’t reveal the details for now. For my summer collection, I collaborated with a painter from Moscow, Katya Gavrilova, she created the images of shuttlecock for me. We both enjoyed working together, and plan to continue our cooperation.

I also wish to increase offline sales and start cooperating with new shops. And as always I am open to all new creative projects like movies, theatre, photography – these works are always interesting.