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MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBAShiori Aiba is a Japanese-born...

January 15 2018

                               MEET THE DESIGNER - SHIORI AIBA

Shiori Aiba is a Japanese-born material designer who is challenging our modern perception of exhausted materials by experimenting different methodologies and using different techniques. Her goal is to to adapt humble raw materials to the global market and to contribute to appreciate for all the materials we use disrespectfully. 

You can find a selection of her original artwork at STUDIO 183 - Bikini Berlin / 1st Floor. 


1. One word to describe Berlin? Free

2. Day or Night? Day

3. Mountain or ocean? Ocean. Honestly I was more like a mountain person before but changed after living in Berlin.


4. Music or silence to design? Silence.

5. Abstract or Realistic? Abstract.

6. Monochrome or colour? Definitely Colour!


7. Analogue or digital? Analogue.

8. Best place to be creative? Bath. I often got inspiration when I was taking a bath.

9. Your own favourite design? Paper Marble series.


10. Your most tricky one? Circle series. Even they are signature pieces, it’s still difficult to make proper shape by hand.


11. An artist we should follow? Envisions 

12. Biggest influence in your craft?
Texture, smell and colour of raw material.

13. Your graduation project “Paper redressed” open the way to another scheme called “Paper Menow”. Is there a new project in correlation with these two former ones? I’ve started to develop this material to make much bigger scale for furniture or architectural material. Also for further project I’m thinking to combine with other material such as metal.


14. What was your incentive to focus on paper as main material for your craft? Basically I’m interested in experimenting material with several methods. Paper is an ancient material and was highly valued in the past, however today it’s simply become banal. So then not many designer featured and developed this humble material to the upper level. That’s why I wanted to spotlight paper as an exciting material again to invent new usage.

15. A last word to describe your work? Revival of paper as an exciting material.