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MEET THE DESIGNER MELLOW JEWELLERYMelita Rus, tell us a bit about...

September 02 2017


Melita Rus, tell us a bit about yourself and the development of your jewellery brand MELLOW.

I am the designer of MELLOW by Melita Rus. It is a contemporary jewelry brand, which is eclectic, unique and unexpected. All the pieces are made by using construction and household materials, like screws, bolts, cables and other elements I find in a household shop mixed with Swarovski crystals, Baltic Amber, mineral stones or silver pieces. I like using clashing materials in one piece, like melted plastic and Baltic Amber stones, it gives a nice mix of edgy and classy, and that is what makes my jewelry so eclectic and alternative. Every single piece is unique and handmade in my studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.


These jewellery pieces opposite to hardware tools can be associated with a daring lifestyle and impeccable style. Mellow jewellery is made for the ones who embrace every second of their exciting lives ‘here and now’, the ones who value uniqueness, not the number of carats and hallmark. Not everything that is worth having has a hallmark, and not everything that is eye-catching has carats. These statement jewellery is made from cables, construction glue, silicone and screws, which are accentuated by carbines and cable tightening details. We believe that unusual details can become a tool to create beauty and style and that jewelry could be more just a thing. So every piece is one of a kind or limited edition. Every Mellow piece has it’s own life code.


What about your inspiration?

It is funny, but for me the best place for inspiration is a car service, so it’s always good news for me when I have to take my car there. Also, buildings under construction and construction material shops. I can be inspired by a car engine, a vacuum cleaner or a broken washing machine. I even found myself inspired when I touch different surfaces e.g. various packages of food. I always was a little bit strange. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because the inspiration just popped up in my head.

What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

The values and the message I want to spread to the world through my pieces are the most important for designing a collection. Every collection reflects the strength I gain through the years.


You work with construction and household materials and mix them with precious stones. Tell us a bit more about the idea behind it!

The message behind it is that the boundaries of the world have vanished, we visit each other’s countries and exchange cultures because we love to give and to get. We do not divide ourselves into any separate groups because it suddenly makes no sense anymore. We do not judge the beauty and the value by the number of the carats or the hallmark but by what it stands for.


What are the references were you working with for your new collection?

Colors, shapes and silhouettes of pieces.

What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I am working on the new collection, that will be very different to the previous collection and can’t wait to show it to the world.


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MEET THE DESIGNER ARTEMISHIANPlease introduce yourself and your...

August 26 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Ahmet Sarimehmet. I’m the founder and designer of the jewellery brand Artemishian: leather bracelets with feather, fur and design. For years I’ve been creating bracelets and also doing hair and makeup for opera and ballet, weddings, fashion shows, film and commercials. I’m fascinated by creativity and all around designing and crafting - from handwork to sewing.


Could you please tell a bit more of your background and how have you started to design jewelry?

First, I began making bracelets with beads for myself but shortly people started to ask me if they could also get some. It started very small. After a couple of months, I was booked for an ethno inspired photo shoot with a lot of jewellery but I felt like I missed some bracelets with feathers for the African model who is also a friend of mine. Then I decided to make the bracelets myself. After this, the collection grew fast and I added different kinds of leather, animal prints, and lengths of feathers.


Your use quality materials, like nappa leather, and pendants with traditional motifs. It seems like a certain heritage and history is important for you. Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I have loved traditional handwork since I was a child. My mother used to cross stitch and make lace and I loved to watch her work. The roots of some of my pendants are superstition and mythology. I love to combine old traditional motifs with modern new pieces. I find inspiration in different cultures, film and on the Internet.


Do you design with an ideal woman in mind? Who is your muse?

The ideal woman in my mind changes constantly. She is defined by different countries, ages and styles. Currently a friend, singer and model called Carmen Samira is my favourite muse. Her power, energy and whole being motivates me to come up with new collections.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I love making jewellery. Right now, I’m organizing some photoshoots. Many pieces are unisex from my collection, but I’m working on a “men’s only” collection too.


Instagram: ahmet__sarimehmet

Facebook: ahmet sarimehmet

Website: coming soon

MEET THE DESIGNER ALMA DE PIEDRACould you please introduce...

August 22 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

I’m Sofia Carrillo, from Guadalajara, México, founder and designer of Alma de Piedra. Alma de Piedra is a jewelry brand, handcrafted by Mexican artisans and myself. I like to create unique pieces using most of all raw gemstones trying to highlight the beauty and natural qualities of their elements. Each stone has a different meaning and energy and people buy them regarding their very own character.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I find inspiration in nature and in life itself, but I could say that most of my inspiration come from each of the stones that I carefully select, each one of them inspire me to do something unique with it.

You use natural materials and stones in your designs, your jewelry has an earthy, powerful aesthetic. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Nature is everything. The stones come from the the depths of the earth and my jewelry should reflect the calm feeling you have when you walk in nature. 

To be able to create pieces with beautiful stones that are full of energy is something very special, I like to think that somehow it also connects the people who wear them with nature.


Do you have an ideal woman in mind you design for? Who is your muse?

I design for all women, I like to think that when they wear my jewelry this inspires them to feel free, powerful, beautiful and comfortable with themselves as they are. 

I get deeply inspired by any woman who lives her life in her own way, who is in touch with herself and embraces her true self.

Any woman who live like this is a muse for me.


Your pieces are handmade by you or Mexican artisans. Could you please tell more about your sustainable production process?

Since I started the brand 4 years ago I worked with a lovely family of artisans in Mexico, where the workshop is. Every item is made individually by hand. I design all the jewelry and choose personally each of the stones we will use. I am with the craftswomen and men a lot to control the process, and of course to exchange ideas, and I also make some of the items myself.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

Travelling is just the most inspiring source for creating new things. I was in berlin a lot, went on some roadtrips to Scandinavia and Italy and now I am very happy go get back and start working on the new collection.

I have a clothes brand as well which I have to take care of. My plans are to continue travelling the world finding new stones, designing and making new pieces and grow the business in a very healthy, sustainable way.

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