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NEW DESIGNERS IN MARCHThis month we are thrilled to welcome a...

March 01 2018

                                      NEW DESIGNERS IN MARCH

This month we are thrilled to welcome a fresh selection of clothing and jewellery to our two stores! Nine independent and unique designers from Berlin and abroad. Read about these talented newcomers below. 

                                               HERMIONE FLYNN


Hermione Flynn is a considered and harmonious union of concept, function and aesthetic, creating unisex collections without typical gender constraints. Through their designs the Berlin based label focuses on artistic integrity, versatility and impeccable craftsmanship. Their collections are often presented alongside a performance or film, as they engage not only with clothing but art, the body, time and space.

Find your favourite piece at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.



Obectra is the creation of Slovenian designer Blaž Čuk who began his label in 2010, whilst still a student in Ljubljana. His creativity and entrepreneurial finesse led him to emerge as Slovenia’s most promising fashion designer one year later. He then decided to relocate Studio Obectra to Berlin, where since 2012 he has been developing one unisex collection per year; to “slow down this fast fashion Industry” made for all seasons. His work is a statement in black, inspired by Berlin’s one of a kind nightlife culture. 

Do not miss the launch of Obectra at Studio183, 08.03.2018, from 6 to 9PM! 



Lentsius Design is an independent Estonian label created in 2013 by Kairi Lentsius. She is a versatile artist offering a beautiful mix of conceptual fashion and accessories; her timeless jewellery designs blending the essence of Scandinavian minimalism with a unisex appeal. The unique collection has been developed alongside her father, Mart Lentsius, who masterfully crafts the designs in stainless steel and wood. 

Shop Lentsius at STUDIO183 Flagship Store

                                               SIMPLE COMMUNITY


Simple Community is a fashion brand based in Amsterdam that offers multi-functional products made to ease people’s daily lives. The designers endeavour to highlight the present and give significance to functionality, practicality and quality of products. Simplicity is another key feature in the brand’s designs that are 100% handmade from leather and a traditional Turkish fabric, Kutnu. Comprised of silk and cotton, Kutnu fabrics are woven on hand looms of Gaziantep craftsmen.

Have a look at our “Meet the Designer” Interview with the Simple Community crew!

You can find their bags at the STUDIO183 Flagship Store.

                                                PULVA JEWELRY 


Pulva Jewelry is an independent label founded and created by the designer Birgit, a member of the collective STUDIO HERTZBERG. She creates unique jewellery pieces from eco-friendly copper, silver and brass in her studio located in Neukölln, Berlin. The designer favours minimalistic geometric forms, raw stones and experimentation with the visual effects of metal patina and shiny surfaces. Pulva is an hommage to femininity, individualism and the perfectness of imperfect. 

Find your favourite Pulva item at STUDIO183 Flagship Store.


                                                 JORINDE NISSE


Jorinde Nisse launched her jewellery label in 2011 and is based in Berlin. Beading is at the heart of her jewellery, an ancient craft which lends itself to a multitude of interpretations. For the past fourteen years, she has been focusing on creating unique pieces in small series. She endeavours to make pieces that are both beautiful and enticing to touch. 

Find Jorinde Nisse’s creations at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.



Klevang is a Nordic fashion brand based in Copenhagen. Proud of their Faroe Islands roots, the Danish label is inspired by the dark Nordic aesthetics. Surrounded by nature, Klevang takes inspiration from the elements as they strives to express chaos and harmony in one. The brand aims to design clothing for women who are individuals that follow their own sartorial intuition. Klevang can be characterised by a timeless design disrupted with raw details, focusing on quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Shop Klevang at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.

                                                    ROBI AGNES


Robi Agnes is a Lithuanian-based knitwear label founded in 2013 by two friends, Agne and Roberta. The luxurious knits are made from the highest quality natural fibres and fabrics, and designed for a woman who values quality and functionality. The diversity of the designers’ personalities is evident in their creations. Each garment provides the wearer with a sense of confidence and elegant finesse. The designs are practical and easy to wear as well as beautifully unique due to their subtle use of detailing. 

Find Robi Agnes at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin.


Make sure to pop by our store locations, STUDIO183 Flagship Store & STUDIO183 Concept Gallery in Bikini Berlin to shop these new designers and our unique selection of clothing, jewellery and artwork. 

MEET THE DESIGNER VIKA TONUPlease introduce yourself and your...

September 12 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Victoria Tonu, I am a 29 years old artist based in Bucharest, Romania, and for the last four years I have been creating pieces for my jewelry brand Vika Tonu Design.

I have graduated from an Interdisciplinary Art and Design Course at Huddersfield University in the UK, and then continued my studies in resistant materials at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Firenze, Italy.


Jewelry for me represents the most suggestive and personal form of expression, and it appeared in my life as the answer to my struggle as a growing artist: how is my work going to have any direct impact on other people?

Even though I did not enjoy creating jewelry at the beginning, my persuasion led me to the understanding of the process and this offered me a totally different perspective. My early education also had its influence upon this journey, as I was schooled in an alternative, spiritual and free way. Awareness towards nature, the four elements, the planets, and of course towards our inner cosmos has been an accent since I was a child, all this in a very creative and artistic environment. So by the time I really had to take a decision about my path, I realized I could associate the jewelry making to the myth of the alchemical dream which is also a metaphor to the personal evolution - transforming something rough and shapeless into something beautiful and precious, all through hard work and effort.

Basic shapes became associated with signs, elements, symbols, and the pieces started to gain sense if you really wanted to look for it. To sum it up, Vika Tonu Design jewelry pieces are all hand made, and imbued with personal energy, meaning and Soul. I hope that people can feel and understand the difference between a mass product jewelry and one created with a different, more compelling purpose, a jewelry to be worn for a much longer time.


What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

I do not enjoy the pressure of creating a collection at a certain time. As an artist I go through phases of inspiration and introspection, and this is why sometimes it takes more time until I feel I could start a new series. The thing I consider the most important in creating a jewelry is its message, this is why I don’t perceive it as a decorative adornment, but as a translation of my own reflections. Most of my pieces have suggestive titles and their purpose is to help the wearer identify with the message. In this manner, there is a different kind of relationship which is born between the person and the object – it becomes a symbolic reminder, a totem.

What or who inspires you the most?

I have various sources of inspiration, depending on my evolution, I guess. I started with the exploration of the Greek alphabet and culture, alchemy, and then astrology. The more complex pieces were mostly my thoughts and states – simplified and objectified. At the present moment I am interested in psychology, and in this vast area so many things await to be discovered, explored and transformed into art.

What has been the best compliment someone has given your work?

I was told by quite a lot of people that they do not take off their rings from their fingers because they feel as if there is something very important missing. Some said that they consider that my jewelry is bringing them luck.

At the end, the best compliment is that people recommend me to others, and still want to wear what I create. I have been doing quite a lot of wedding bands besides my designs – all unique and customized according to the couple’s story and energy. The fact that my rings will become part of a family, history and heritage is extremely flattering.

How you would describe your affinity and your interaction with the materials you use in your collection?

I feel very comfortable working with silver and this is my favorite material so far. The funny thing is that while I was studying I was literally scared of it – it was pretentious compared to other metals like copper or brass, and also more expensive. Each mistake (and there were plenty) had it’s cost. After years, and hundreds of pieces, I feel like I am finally in a stable and unconditional relationship with this material.

Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

I do have some new collaborations coming up, and hopefully a more complex personal project. But other than that my wish for the year ahead is to travel as much as I can with my work, and raise awareness about it in more cool places like Studio 183.



Website: under construction –

MEET THE DESIGNER YINKANACould you please introduce yourself and...

August 24 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

YINKANA is a unique, Berlin based jewelry label. Utilizing traditional technique and a mix of man-and earth-made materials, we translate experiences and stories into elegant pieces of jewelry with a wild heart.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Driven by a fascination of the interplay between scent and memory, YINKANA began as a personalized jewelry label which carried scent-based memories in small glass flasks. Now, the concepts of personality and lightness flow into the new designs.

An understated elegance and sense for simplicity, together with the fine materials and clean forms complete these compositions. Malu Lopez, the creative brain behind the brand, draws her inspiration from natural materials such as wood, plants, and minerals as well as found or forgotten objects, and their secret stories.


You use a great mix of natural and man-made materials in your pieces, your jewelry has an earthy undertone. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Well, I grew up in a place surrounded by dry mountains, desert and sea, and that’s what I have seen everyday. For that reason I might have a better understanding of the salty water, the blue sky and the yellow surfaces, more than the jungle or the countryside fields, even if I am also interested in them. I also loved sailing, and for me is the most naturally induced way of meditation that I never experimented. It just comes so easy and soft, whenever I am sailing I am in peace with myself, and with the world.


You employ traditional techniques when creating your pieces. Could you please tell a bit more  about the production process?

Right now I am learning and developing a new collection by using the traditional technique “lost wax”, so every piece have been cast in metal from a previous wax prototype, which allows you to be very playful with volumes and shapes, and also adds a raw touch to the pieces. I love it, every piece of the collection seems to be ancient, to have a long story behind it. Also I am using natural beeswax which is very stimulating to work with, due to its texture and fragrance.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

I would like to go somewhere which I still hasn’t decided yet, where I can get inspired by the culture and the natural surroundings, and develop the concept for the next collection.





MEET THE DESIGNER ALMA DE PIEDRACould you please introduce...

August 22 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

I’m Sofia Carrillo, from Guadalajara, México, founder and designer of Alma de Piedra. Alma de Piedra is a jewelry brand, handcrafted by Mexican artisans and myself. I like to create unique pieces using most of all raw gemstones trying to highlight the beauty and natural qualities of their elements. Each stone has a different meaning and energy and people buy them regarding their very own character.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I find inspiration in nature and in life itself, but I could say that most of my inspiration come from each of the stones that I carefully select, each one of them inspire me to do something unique with it.

You use natural materials and stones in your designs, your jewelry has an earthy, powerful aesthetic. How would you describe your connection to Mother Nature?

Nature is everything. The stones come from the the depths of the earth and my jewelry should reflect the calm feeling you have when you walk in nature. 

To be able to create pieces with beautiful stones that are full of energy is something very special, I like to think that somehow it also connects the people who wear them with nature.


Do you have an ideal woman in mind you design for? Who is your muse?

I design for all women, I like to think that when they wear my jewelry this inspires them to feel free, powerful, beautiful and comfortable with themselves as they are. 

I get deeply inspired by any woman who lives her life in her own way, who is in touch with herself and embraces her true self.

Any woman who live like this is a muse for me.


Your pieces are handmade by you or Mexican artisans. Could you please tell more about your sustainable production process?

Since I started the brand 4 years ago I worked with a lovely family of artisans in Mexico, where the workshop is. Every item is made individually by hand. I design all the jewelry and choose personally each of the stones we will use. I am with the craftswomen and men a lot to control the process, and of course to exchange ideas, and I also make some of the items myself.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

Travelling is just the most inspiring source for creating new things. I was in berlin a lot, went on some roadtrips to Scandinavia and Italy and now I am very happy go get back and start working on the new collection.

I have a clothes brand as well which I have to take care of. My plans are to continue travelling the world finding new stones, designing and making new pieces and grow the business in a very healthy, sustainable way.

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