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MEET THE DESIGNER FARRAH FLOYD Bojana, please introduce yourself...

May 20 2017


Bojana, please introduce yourself and your brand.

I started Farrah Floyd almost 3 years ago with an idea to integrate sustainable fashion into fashion. I don’t really follow trends, but rather try to stick to my own idea of aesthetics. I use a zero-waste pattern making technique in which every pattern piece is a rectangle. This gives me a lot of space to play and discover new shapes and silhouettes, while using an innovative and sustainable design strategy.


How did you begin your career in design?

I began straight after school. Farrah Floyd was basically the continuation of my master project.


Tell us a little about your collaboration with Heiner Radau.

Heiner and I were classmates for a while during my exchange studies, and have remained friends ever since. It was kind of a natural step to try to do something together and I am very happy with the outcome.


How are your pieces made? Are there any particular fabrics or materials you prefer to use?

As I mentioned before, all the pattern pieces are made using a zero-waste technique that I have developed over the years. Additionally, I use innovative, strictly certified fabrics.


Where do you receive inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration can come from literally anywhere. Something visual that forms an interesting shape, or an interesting combination of colours. It can be something more abstract such as an atmosphere or personality. I think it’s good to always look for inspiration in something different, so you can trigger your curiosity and creativity.


Do you have any personal wishes? Could you tell us?

Oh, I have few. But I guess I would be satisfied with peace and prosperity in the world, for a start.

Where do you see Farrah Floyd in five years?

In shops and wardrobes all over the world, being cherished and well taken care of.