Filtered By Freimeisterkollektiv


January 12 2018


The Freimeisterkollektiv is a merger of individualists – a joining of independent distillers and leading bartenders. This friendly crew relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of bartenders and experts in their respective fields. Their products are available at fair prices to both consumers and the industry without any of the traditional markups.

Many thanks to Freimeisterkollektiv for hosting the bar and sponsoring our event in collaboration with Kaltblut Magazine and Form Of Interest on Monday 15.01.18! 

1. One word to describe Berlin?
- Berlin

2. Day or Night?
- Night and day and night and sometimes the next morning

3. Mountain or ocean?
- Of course mountains (Kreuzberg, Schoeneberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Lichtenberg)

4. Music or silence?
- Noise

5. Vodka or Whisky?
- Quinoa Vodka with Rye Whiskey

6. Could you explain to us how started FreimeisterKollektiv?
- All of a sudden such a serious question… we wanted to hack economy and drink the best craft spits at the same time.

7. Your 3 key values?
- Humanism, Hedonism, Hangovers.
8. One word to describe the Freimeister crew?
- Devoted
9. Your favorite cocktail?
- Any that are mixed with our products.

10. 3 Bars to go in Berlin?
- Velvet, Becketts Kopf, Cafe Kotti
11. A quick joke for us?
- I couldn’t think of one so i googled best bar keeper jokes
12. Your objectives for 2018?
- Live long and prosper