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June 17 2017


Please introduce yourself and your brand!

I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, currently based here in Berlin. Raised by two artists, I always knew that I was meant to make things, but for many years, could never quite figure out exactly what. Jewelry design is something I sort of stumbled into but it left me completely enchanted.


My label comes out of that enchantment. It’s born out of curiosity and guided by an instinctual design aesthetic. The precise inspiration behind the line is mysterious to me and takes many forms, but in the end, I think the greatest inspiration goes back to that idea of transformation - from the physical transformation of the materials, to that feeling when you put on a piece of jewelry, the stories it may carry with it, and the sense of empowerment all that can make you feel.

What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

“Would I love to wear this?” So much design - fashion or otherwise - has turned to mass appeal, but I was raised to trust my eye and my creative instincts, so if I’m not personally excited to wear a piece myself, then it has no place in my collection.


In your most recent collection, the Tidal collection you use organic shapes and natural materials, like pearl, sterling silver, and brass. How does nature inspire you in your designs?

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my family spent a lot of time outdoors and on the Oregon Coast, so I’ve always felt a really strong connection to that area.

For this reason, the Tidal Collection is probably the closest to home for me, drawing its inspiration from there. Dancing down the windswept beaches, climbing the rocks and peering into tidal pools - there’s so much rough and rugged beauty. As a child, I always had sand in my shoes and a beach agate in my pocket. I loved the idea that this all could be reinterpreted and incorporated into something to wear, still to treasure.


You employ ethical practices in the production process. Could you please explain about it a bit?

Again, my entire childhood had a backdrop of forest and ocean, so this is something important to me. In an effort to reduce my ecological footprint, I use recycled metals whenever I can, sustainably sourced pearls, and I work with local suppliers at every opportunity.


Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

I’m currently finishing the prototypes for my upcoming collection, which will play with light, some bolder shapes, and finally introduce a little color! This time inspired by our beautiful planet’s transformative nature, it plays with organic versus geometric form. It will definitely be something new for the line and I can’t wait to share it with Studio183 soon!