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MEET THE ARTIST - ANDREAS HACHULLAAndreas Hachulla is an artist...

January 08 2018

                         MEET THE ARTIST - ANDREAS HACHULLA

Andreas Hachulla is an artist based in Berlin making original digital drawings from his phone, which are presented on high quality prints. You’ll be able to discover his art pieces during his exhibition and merch opening on the 18.01.18 at STUDIO 183 Flagship Store. This event will also be the occasion to assist to a live digital drawing performance by Andreas Hachulla. 


1. Berlin by day or night? ‐‐ Rather nonstop

2. Spontaneous or prepared? ‐‐ Better both

3. Homogeneous or contrasted? ‐‐ The mixture is the key


4. Realistic or abstract? ‐‐ Abstraction of reality

5. Dark or colourful? ‐‐ Tendency to dark

6. Could you explain quickly the process of your drawings? ‐‐ It all starts with a white sheet on the screen of my smartphone. Mostly I use the SNote app for it. I quickly sketch some background structures that are detailed by different marker transparencies.


7. When did you make your first digital drawing? ‐‐ That was actually end of October 2013 on my tablet. It broke some day and I got a new device with SPen and the first one of this series i did on Dezember 13th in 2015.

8. On average, how long does it take you to draw one of your works? ‐‐ About ten to twenty minutes.

9. The printing process that you choose is really original and pretty complex. Could you explain how you get your final pieces of art? ‐‐ The drawings are printed as fine art prints mounted on Alu‐Dibond fixed behind acrylic glass; This Process similar to Diasec has been tested at the Technical University of Berlin according to durability and it provides the highest quality presentantion.

10. The drawing you’re the most proud of? ‐‐ Hard to say, there are some favourites so far, but currently i like one of the last “Skatebård@lab.oratory” a lot.


11. How many exhibitions did you already do? ‐‐ I did quite a number of exhibitions since the mid‐90s, but if you think of those with digital drawings, this one is number five.


12. An artist with who you would like to collaborate? ‐‐ There have been some collaborations yet and i just wanna stay curious about new encounters.

13. 3 words to qualify your work? ‐‐ Spontaneous, digital, impressionism.

14. Your objectives for 2018? ‐‐ Testing new techniques

15. A last word for Studio 183? ‐‐ ThnX 4 the invite and keep up the synergism of art, fashion and design.


18/01/18 Event: