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MEET THE DESIGNER - CONCEPTOConcepto is an independent Fashion...

December 08 2017

                                 MEET THE DESIGNER - CONCEPTO

Concepto is an independent Fashion label from Romania. It is a brand that stands for powerful women, based on minimalist lines, unconventional cuts and unique combinations. A label inspired by women who know what they want in life. Who own their path, so it is easy for them to fulfill their dreams. Such women never give up, because they manage to always find their inner strength.

CONCEPTO is available at STUDIO183, BiKINI Berlin, Budapester Str. 46, 10787 Berlin


1.    One word to describe Berlin?  Eclectic.

2.    Beer or coconut water? Coconut water.

3.    Day or Night? Day.

4.    Music or silence to design? Music.


5.    Abstract or Realistic? Abstract.

6.    Black & white or colourful? Black and White.

7.    Handcraft or digital? Digital.

8.    Best place to be creative? In the workshop – the creative vibe is already there.


9.    Your own favourite design? The Django Janis leather jacket.

10.  Your most tricky one? The Maxine Dress.


11.  An artist we should follow? Pavel Grosu.

12.  Biggest influence in your craft? Powerful women.

13. What are the 3 key values of Concepto? Courage, determination and innovation.

14. Your passion for this environment started thanks to a sewing machine from your Grandmother. Would you also like to convey this passion to the future generation of your family?  By all means! We’d love to cultivate the aesthetic sense among the youngest members of the family.

15. A last word to describe your work? Provocative.