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i n s p i r a t i o n: CeciSTATELESS VAGABONDSA land of sands...

August 29 2017

i n s p i r a t i o n: Ceci


A land of sands ocean wide,

where home is only a

momentary illusion.

Abandoned by the cosmos,

I walk on, with less

possessions to weight me down.

Finding the oasis where misery will cease.

Free of conformity,


freedom has no constraints,

and I have non either.

And whilst my eyes wander,

constantly pulled in all directions,

I become a stateless vagabond.

The wind carries the clouds,

like dusty shadows veil me.

And all of the sudden I realise

none is my own.

Never lost to a chosen fate.

Better to walk without knowing where

than to sit aimlessly.

Desire of the intangible,

a pursuit of solitude.

A free spirit desires the intangible - the meaning of existence. The AW17 collection is inspired by the stateless vagabonds, the Tuareg soul in us. CECI breaks the monotony and chooses easiness and effortless elegance.

The journey of a estranged nomad, never lost to her fate. Colours that describe the spirit and depth of her solitude:

Dusty Shadowed Black. Intangible Tuareg Blue. Cloudy Veiled Grey. Sunset Sandy Burgundy.

The distressed and yet light - warmed experience of the wanderer in the Saharan sunset: Rough textures of denim, wool blends for protection from sandstorms in life, and laser burnt textures to express the feeling of warmth in the sun.

Lazy silhouettes that show the illusions of the indescribable. Drifting in spaces with no constraints. Shelters made by heavy layering. Draping elements to veil the spirit of the wearer allowing a fluent transformation in nature.

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