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MEET THE DESIGNER EVELYNE-MEvelyne, please introduce yourself and...

May 30 2017


Evelyne, please introduce yourself and your brand?

My name is Evelyne Meyer I was born in Switzerland in 1982 and went to school for fashion and design. In 2010, I created the first fashion jewellery creations under the label Maschenbrödel. Because of the great passion for design and the increasingly concrete visions of jewellery, I did several goldsmith internships, in Switzerland and America, in 2012. New processing methods developed which mixed with traditional jewellery production. The result of this is today’s collections, which can be seen under the brand EVELYNE-M. In 2014, I opened my own shop with a small workshop in the heart of the colourful District 4 in Zurich.

What is your main source of inspiration?

My work is inspired by the urban environment of the city, the geometrical forms of the Déco era and the uniqueness of nature. The fascination for astronomy and mysticism also exert a great influence on my designs.

What is the most important consideration when designing a new collection?

On the one hand, the sustainability of the materials, on the other the comfort of the wearer. My jewellery is for women to wear every day like a second skin. I only like beauty when it is comfortable at the same time, so this is my second biggest demand on myself, even if I design new pieces.

What is the most rewarding aspect to being a goldsmith?

I think everyone should be able to have at least one craft. It’s not as glamorous as most people imagine. It is great to be able to give a thought or a vision a shape. Something that is invisible to make visible and wearable. And, of course, make others happy with their own creations.

If you could only choose one accessory to wear, what would it be?

This is difficult. I love shoes, but without my bangles I go nowhere and I never take them off. They are, a part from my husband, my most faithful companion.

Can you tell us about any exciting plans for the year ahead?

Gladly, I just have to hold back my euphoria. I am already looking forward to my new collections which will be presented at the end of September. I’m still working on the prototypes but I already know that they will put in my new life line section. I’ve been working for a while to create some new constructions. Astronomy and wickedness will meet.