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MEET THE DESIGNER VIS A VISCould you please introduce yourself...

August 12 2017


Could you please introduce yourself and your brand?

VIS A VIS is a street wear label based in Vienna. The label was founded by 22 year old Andrea Kerber in April 2016. VIS A VIS represents the interaction between noble an urban clothing. The apparent contrasts blend together perfectly and create a signature look. Another feature of the brand is the cozy and simple cuts, which ensure wearability and comfort. The label focuses on quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

VIS A VIS draws its inspiration from music, different fabrics, people and icons. The diversitiy in Vienna concerning different cultures and people affect VIS A VIS. During drinking coffee and listening music, I watch people passing by. But also some special fabrics are able to trigger a new idea.


Your collections are modern and feminine, perfectly encapsulate the character of the contemporary woman. What is the ideal woman you design for like? Do you have a muse?

The ideal woman I design for is a self-confident and strong. The idea behind VIS A VIS is to dress women who want to look fashionable and find comfort important at the same time.

My muse is definitely Caroline de Maigret.


You created a jewelry collection with jewelry brand Nadine Now, which we also have in store, and also asked a few questions from the designer, Nadine on this blog. Could you please tell a bit more about how the collaboration came into life?

Two years ago Nadine and I met up in Vienna searching for a flat. We stayed in contact and when we launched our labels and became self-emplyed, we decided to create a collaboration.


What exciting plans do you have for the year ahead?

In September I am part of the Vienna Fashion Week, so for now I have to prepare all the looks for the Show.