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MEET THE COMPANY - TALMOTalmo is a Berlin based brand for...

December 21 2017

                                      MEET THE COMPANY - TALMO

Talmo is a Berlin based brand for stylishly designed electronic essentials. With backgrounds in e-commerce, design and the smartphone industry, this friendly team combine a passion for quality electronics and unique fashion-accessories. Their everyday tech items will help you stay fashionably charged and digitally connected at home and on the go.

You can find Talmo’s chargers at our both STUDIO 183 stores:

Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin

Budapester Str. 46-48, 10787 Berlin - Bikini Berlin - 1rst Floor


1.  One word to describe Berlin?

2.  Beer or bubbly?
I’m going to be cheeky and say Campari with OJ. (No hangover!)

3.  Mountain or ocean?
Born and raised island girl - Ocean!


4.  Music or silence to design?
Definitly music - a good playlist can do wonders for creativity block.

5.  Abstract or Realistic?
Abstract - life’s already too real.

6.  Monochrome or colour?
Colour, all the way, the FULL spectrum.


7.  Analogue or digital?
Digital clocks but analogue notes. Kindle for holidays but handwritten postcards. Spotify for music, but vinyl for cover art. That “oh yeah!” feeling you get when develop analogue photos you forgot you took. Did I confuse you yet?

8.  Best place to be creative?
Anywhere comfortable with: pen & paper, headphones, a computer - and LOTS of space to spread your ideas. I’m talking table, wall & floor.


9.  Your own favourite design?
Our packaging

10.   An artist we should follow?
Currently crushing on @jackyblue__

11.  Your favourite Apple product?
Magic Mouse , anything else feels like navigating an awkward turtle across the desk.


12.  What are the 3 key values of Talmo?
Quality, style & fun.
13.  The next big thing in tech?
Everyone’s talking about Voice.
14.  A last word to describe your brand?
The start of something great.