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MEET THE DESIGNER - a.ACHATa.ACHAT is a Berlin-based fashion...

April 10 2018


a.ACHAT is a Berlin-based fashion label that understands itself as a platform, rather than just a clothing brand – founded by Bergit Faßl in 2015.
It aims to establish an interface between contemporary art, fashion, food, and music. a.ACHAT’s projects are often based on collaborations with artists, illustrators, and graphic designers.


On the edge of contemporary and avantgarde, the clothing part of a.ACHAT is based around simplistic shapes, playful patterns and clashing textures for all sexes.
a.ACHAT creates handmade products in small quantities and small irregularities are part of their character. We work with high quality fabrics and materials to complement our designs while keeping an eye on sustainability as much as possible.


If you were a…

- Fruit? Hawaiian Ulu

- Book?
Ovid: Metamorphoses

- A time of day?
Around 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning

- A city?
Tangier or Kyoto

- Where do you source your inspiration?
people, materials, journeys, landscapes, life in total


- What do you dream about?
For that moment about mycelium in general and Lingzhi mushrooms

- What is your favorite thing about what you do?
screen printing and other printing techniques, working togehter with people

- Can you tell us about any exciting plans or goals for the year ahead?

Have fun. Stay tuned.

You can find a.ACHAT’s collection at our Mitte location. Come join Studio183 28.04  // for a.ACHAT’s gallery weekend event!